3W Wednesday – 5th January

What are you reading?

Just Another Liar – Mandy Byatt

I’m trying to get through my NetGalley reads at the beginning of the year, purely so I can try and get a few more of them. I started this book yesterday and either it’s really short and or I am burning through it and thoroughly enjoying it – here’s a hint, it’s the later. It’s a good, intriguing read that has really helped to settle the nerves of New Year! Three women try online dating and ‘meet’ the same man. Who turns out not to be who he says he is – and thus the women try and discover the truth behind the mysterious David and his intentions. Currently, about 60% through, and am hoping to finish it off in the next day or so.

The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane – Robert E. Howard.

I was brought a physical copy of this for Christmas by Lord Metal Man and I am using it as an ‘in-between’ book, picking up the short stories as I go along. Another book that I am thoroughly enjoying. I’m a big fan of religious, Witch-Hunter-y types and this book’s tales just fit in perfectly with what I enjoy, a bit like Illborn did. The main character I am enjoying immensely, and I’m really eager to learn more about him and the stories he has to tell!

What did you read last?

The War of Powers – Robert E. Vardeman and Victor Milan

I only made it through 42% of this book before giving up with it. It’s not a bad book, but not up to the standards of story-telling that I enjoy. It was written in 1980 and fits certain criteria of a fantasy novel. Reading a bit like a poorly executed D&D campaign and filling in the blanks with sub-par erotica. As much as I wanted to enjoy the world setting, I feel like I’ve endured enough long books where the characters didn’t click with me, the story felt dull, and the book was propped up purely for the world setting. I’ll be writing a full review soon, but The War of Powers did pretty much nothing for me and there are far too many books in my reading list to trudge myself through mediocrity.

The Primarchs – Christian Dunn

Dave and I are in discussion about when to pick up The Primarchs and kicking off our Horus Heresy buddy read nice and early in the year. This is another anthology book, so I’ll probably try and pair it up with another book at the same time. Here’s looking at you, NetGalley list!

6 responses to “3W Wednesday – 5th January”

  1. the war of powers sounds terrible!

    honestly, i read a couple 80/90s fantasy books in high school and decided to avoid books published then at all costs. (a few get a free pass, like the witcher books and outlander). i feel like the audience is expecting something totally different then we do now.


    • It really was terrible.
      I’ve written my review for what I read, and it really wasn’t the read I was expecting. Just trashy male-fantasy tropes.
      I’ll certainly be avoiding fantasy from this era if these are anything to go by!


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