3w Wednesday – 12th Jan

What are you reading?

The Primarchs – Christian Dunn

The first buddy read of the year with Dave at Wordaholic Anonymous. It’s great to pick up the Horus Heresy series again and get back into the swing of all things Space Marine. So far the book is pretty good, it has longer short stories than the previous anthologies and I’ve read two out of the four. The first features the Emperor’s Children and a lot of torture, the second Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hands, and a lot of foreshadowing towards events that have already been read about in the earlier books in the Horus Heresy. The last two stories feature the Dark Angels and Alpha Legion, so hopefully, they’ll be just as good.

What did you read last?

Sharpe’s Havoc – Bernard Cornwell

I wanted to keep on track with some of my personal reads this year and work my way through some of the series I’ve already started. I seem to always enjoy the Sharpe novels, and this one was no exception to that rule. They’re just darned enjoyable books – if you can get along with Sharpe. Sharpe’s Havoc sees Sharpe enjoying life away from the complexities of larger army life with his riflemen in Portugal; doing some dastardly deed that seems to befit his roguelike status! I have got a full review of this book pending, so be on the lookout!

City of the Dead – Jonathan Kellerman

I was sent a copy of City of the Dead by Jonathan Kellerman by the publisher; Century/Penguin Random House. I don’t really do the whole blog tour thing as I find them too constraining, but I’ll be reading this next and getting a review up for nearer the publication date (17th Feb)

I’ve enjoyed all the other Kellerman books I have read so being given a copy of this really has me rather excited!

Have a great week everyone, I look forward to seeing your posts.

5 responses to “3w Wednesday – 12th Jan”

  1. I wonder if doing things like those blog tours is a personality thing? Because some people just seem to LOVE them, while others (like myself) would rather hang myself than allow someone else that much control of my blog 😀

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  2. Think it’s safe to say that Primarchs was a hit for me. Already looking at the next novel with eager anticipation. Have to finish another physical book before I pick that tome u though, its heavy looking…


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