Photo: Haslingden Quarry

Something lately has re-sparked the fascination with photography. I’m not entirely sure where it came from, either. Photography has long been one of those things that have been picked up, tried, put down, picked up again and I’ve felt mostly aimless with but it’s always been there. Lingering in the back of my mind as a ‘What if?’

So, I picked up the Nikon when we went on a family walk on Sunday and had a blast with it. I can’t quite convey how it feels when I’m behind the camera, it’s like I can see and feel in a completely different way to normal. And yet, there’s always this underlying feeling of fear. Fear of truly opening up to this wonderful thing. Fear of being judged negatively on the photographs that I produce. Fear that I’m wasting my time on another frivolous escape, picking up something else for the sake of it.

No More.

I’ve applied for an evening/adult learning Photography Course at the local college. I’ve done one similar in the past, but photography has come a long way since then and there’s pretty much no more use for developing B&W film and using a Dark Room for processing (It’s all Lightroom now!) So I am looking forward to filling in the gaps of my knowledge, and really embracing all the opportunities that may come from the experience.

I’d really like to try and ‘go for it,’ this time and see what comes of it. What I can make of it. There will be some questions to address when it comes to sharing, blogging, etc, but I don’t want to jump into all these questions to early and overwhelm myself, I’d much rather put that effort and energy into the taking of photographs and keeping things going behind the camera first. The rest can come secondary.

These photographs were taking near Haslingden Reservoir, a nice walk we found where the kiddo could do some Geocaching, I could snap some photographs and the dog could have his feet walked wobbly!

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