Monthly Wrap up – Jan 2022

Where, exactly, did that month go?

I still have two outstanding reviews to write. I am planning to get my fingers flowing throughout the day, so fingers crossed it’ll go okay and I won’t feel so guilty for leaving reviews hanging!

The War of Powers – Robert E Vardeman & Victor Milan

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

A classic fantasy story that replies far too much on “school-boy” sex-fantasy cliches. The plot was bogged down with rape fetishes, Beastiality, and general ickiness! Even beyond that, it’s not a book that I’d recommend to anyone, due to lack of character depth and an action-filled plot that somehow still felt like a drudge. Not a good start to the reading year!

Just another Liar – Mandy Byatt

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Just Another Liar is released on 20th March 2022 and is a highly-engaging psychological thriller that involves catfishing, love, and betrayal. With engaging, believable main characters and a sinister story that keeps the reader guessing right until the very end. Mandy Byatt is a very promising new author that I am looking forward to reading more works of; when they are written.

Sharpe’s Havoc – Bernard Cornwell

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s always good to be able to read a Sharpe novel! I find them consistently entertaining and Sharpe’s Havoc is really no exception. The story feels more akin to what Sharpe should be and while there are hints of it, there’s not as much in the ways of pointless love interest. The re-use of key characters really helps to shape the story and make the reader feel more invested in the novel as a whole, compared to some of the earlier novels where characters other than Sharpe felt disposable.

The Primarchs – edited by Christian Dunn

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Getting through the Horus Heresy a book at a time! I do these reads with Dave and it’s just great having him alongside during the series – I’d have long given up! The Primarchs is a short story/novella collection featuring some of the titular Primarchs. Each story helps to fill in some of the gaps that were missing prior to this book and start paving the way for what is to come later in the series. I’d only really encourage reading it if you’re going through the whole Horus Heresy series.

Books waiting full reviews

Snap Shot – Josie Jaffrey

A short story that I was told about via Josie Jaffrey’s newsletter. The synopsis sold the short story to me and it was free on Kindle Unlimited, so I couldn’t say no! At only 38 pages, it’s not a deep story, but the setting of a dystopian utopia really appealed. It reminded me of films like, In Time, Equilibrium, and Repo Man. With its own, unique flair to the story and setting, of course. If you’re after something easy to read for an evening, then I highly recommend it and hope to sell it further in the pending review.

A Flicker in the Dark – Stacy Willingham

Another of my NetGalley reads – crossing them off slowly and surely, just need to resist requesting more. The story follows Chloe Davis, daughter of a renowned convicted and jailed serial killer. When a series of murders start happening following a similar pattern to her father’s cases, Chloe becomes unwittingly involved. There is a lot of emotional character study in this book and that narrative drove the story forward as much as the murders. A Flicker in the Dark is a deep character study of one young woman’s emotional traumas. A very good read, if thats’ your sort of thing!

I am feeling really behind on all things book. Partially because I’ve picked up photography again and honestly, you can’t do everything in life all at the same time. But, also because I hit a bit of a reading slump and my reading stamina seems to have dropped sharply. I’m finding myself falling asleep easily in the evening after only reading a few pages and that’s put a halt to my break neck reading speed. I am hoping as the days start getting a bit longer and the warm weather returns I’ll feel a bit more alive again and won’t be going to bed at 9:30!

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