3W Wednesday – 2nd Feb

What are you reading?

Jonathan Kellerman – City of the Dead

I really like Jonathan Kellerman’s stories and after attempting to read A Thousand Eyes by A.K. LArkwood, I needed something that would be easy to digest! I was given an ARC of this book by Century, so I feel like I am doing my part in getting the ‘commitment reads’ list down a bit too. City of the Dead is book number 37 in the Alex Delaware series, and no prior knowledge of the characters or series is needed to be able to enjoy them or the story. Absolutely solid read so far.

What did you read last?

The Thousand Eyes – A.K. Larkwood

DNF. I gave up with this one partway through, I didn’t connect with the characters, had very little idea of what was going on story-wise due to status quo shifts. A lot of the information given was in the form of info dumps and I just didn’t have a good time with this book. My own fault as this is part two of a series, which I didn’t realize upon requesting. Need to be more mindful of that in the future. Maybe I’d feel happier about it if I had read the first book in the series, where character establishment and investment happens?

I really dislike this question, it implies that I am organized enough to know what I’ll pick up next! Within a few reviews, I’ll be caught up on my NetGalley list and have some breathing room before any of the remaining ones are released (Except the Black Library ones, but… you know?) I’ll also be back up to my 80% feedback ratio, so feeling no pressure.

I know I have Fear to Tread looming with Dave around the 10th. I’ll see if I can fit in Sharpe, because, it’s Sharpe!

3 responses to “3W Wednesday – 2nd Feb”

  1. What?!? You’re not organized? I am shocked, absolutely shocked I tell you.
    Well there goes the foundations of my world * crumble crumble crumble *

    Yeaaaaaaaah, or something like that 😀


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