SnapShot – Josie Jaffrey

Title: SnapShot
AuthorJosie Jaffrey
Published by: Silver Sun Books
Publication date: 3rd Jun 2021
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 38
Format: eBook
Source: Private Collection

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In Legacy A, sunlight is a privilege. Miss a day of your assigned job, turn up late or misbehave, and your rank drops. Let your rank drop too low and you’ll be on the night shift for the rest of your life.
Sarah’s heading straight for that final demotion when her phone starts showing her photos of things that haven’t happened yet: a building, blue tiles, and a man who’s more familiar than he should be.
The only possible explanation is too crazy to contemplate.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

SnapShot was brought to my attention by Josie Jaffrey’s recent newsletter. I have enjoyed Josies written works before and have another of her books in my reading pile. Reading the synopsis in the newsletter, SnapShot sounded like my sort of story; and considering it’s included with Kindle Unlimited, I couldn’t say no!

SnapShot is a short story written by independent author Josie Jaffrey as a stand-alone. The story focuses on Sarah and her fall from grace. In the world-setting of Legacy A, sunlight is a privilege that can be taken away if the individual doesn’t work hard enough. If you don’t work hard enough, misbehave, or take too much time off your ranking drops and if it goes low enough you can end up on permanent night shift. Sarah is on her last legs when she is assigned to work alongside Richard at the local museum. Then, she starts being sent photographs of events that have never happened.

There is something really evocative about the treatment of the characters in SnapShot, Sarah is an engaging lead character that tries her hardest to fit into a world that doesn’t function. Through her, we are shown the intricate details of how the dystopian setting isn’t fit for purpose; how at the simplest of errors, missing curfews, for example, will see you punished and assigned increasingly terrible work tasks. To the point of having to live underground as a D-Def and never seeing the sunshine again. The setting, while different at its heart, reminded me of the Dystopian Utopia worlds presented in other media such as In Time, Equilibrium, and Repo-Men.

Alongside Sarah, the is Richard, a man much higher up in the rankings. His antics have an impact on the growing mystery surrounding Sarah and the photographs she is being sent and while romance blossoms, it doesn’t feel like a sub-plot. There is a reason that these two characters are drawn to one another that is explained right at the last.

There is a raw emotion that encompasses Sarah and her fate. A real feeling of tragedy, that doesn’t let up even after the conclusion of the story.

I enjoyed the setting and while I was eager to read more, I don’t know if there needs to be anything added. The setting is fleshed out in the short pages of this novel, the story comes to a conclusion and it’s all well rounded. I think the eagerness I feel is to engage in more of Josie Jaffreys stories as her writing style is organic and easy to read; without skimping on any details. There’s a flow to her writing that pushes stories forwards without bogging them down with overabundance.

The ending to this story felt a little out-of-nowhere and was somewhat unsettling and unsatisfying as I was reading. With the passing of time, the ending feels more rounded. A jarring, harsh impact, is the only way to end a story such as this.


A great short story, driven by character-drama in a setting that is dystopian and controlling. Interesting lead characters whose differences bring them together nicely, with enough mystery to keep the reader guessing. A high-impact ending rounds off the novel nicely, if somewhat swiftly.

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