Skullbreaker – WIP & Other Godtear WIPs

Seeing as it’s all Godtear ago-go in the house at the moment, I thought I’d take some of my time today to do some painting of various models.


Skullbreaker is the newest GodTear Champion – I pre-ordered him and he was delivered on Friday, I’ve played a couple of games with him. He hit’s like a ton of bricks, which is a lot of fun! He’s pretty slow though, so need to work on getting him moved about with his minions and boons a bit more in-game.

As a model to paint he’s great! There’s a lot of detail to his model without him feeling over-done.

I still have a fair bit of work to do one him, mostly this is just blocking in the colours with base coats and then going over them with washes. I’m hoping to lighten up the bone colours on him with some layering as it looks a little dark at the moment, but without it all blending too much with the tooth colours and his pale skin.

I couldn’t not put red on him though!


I didn’t like Finvarr as a champion to play with, but he was one of the first ones I got in the starter set and I always had a strong idea of what I’d like him to look like. These are, like most of my WIP models, base coated and washed. I’ll layer them up as soon as Skullbreaker is finished.


I am clearly going through a purple phase! I wanted a classic dragon look, but for once wanted to avoid painting red. Too much of a good thing and all that! There is another dragon that I’ll paint in a similar colour scheme, just to tie them in together. The other one I might base a little darker, just to get them a bit different to one another. For the spaces in between the wings, I’ll use yellow… really go for that Spyro look!

I know these are all in a bit of a rough and ready state, but I got excited about painting again and wanted to share something! It feels pretty good to get back on the painting wagon again, took a while to get going this year with things, but it’s nice to not feel quite so aimless.

2 responses to “Skullbreaker – WIP & Other Godtear WIPs”

  1. You did a bit on Finvar and crew on the stream I joined too right? Or do they just look the same? Has your purple phase got anything to do with the edges of the Gothgul pages? I like the idea of that mean looking Spyro!

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    • I did yes!! But realised I’d never shared them on here, so figured I’d lump them all together in the same post.
      It might have!? I mean, it’s a glorious looking book for that reason.
      I hope I can pull the yellow off, yellow can be a pain to paint.

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