Godtear – Skullbreaker

Skullbreaker is the newest released champion for GodTear, by Stormforged Games, and as such, I really wanted to get in there quick and finish painting him early doors! It also helps that I had a really strong idea of how I wanted to direct his paint scheme… plus he is an Orc with a really big weapon, so really he has a lot going for him!

I followed a couple of tutorials for him, namely his skin and the bones. As I also wanted to try a few new things in terms of painting (without completely abandoning reason and getting some red on him too – partially because he is a Shaper, and also, cause… you know… red.)

Considering I’ve recently painted a ‘proper Orc’, I wanted to do something a bit different for Skullbreaker, and the shape of his face gave me strong ‘Azog the Defiler’ thoughts, so for his skin, I followed Tale of Painters Games Workshop Azog the Defiler tutorial. This involved making my own was with Bugmans Glow, which is something that I’ve never done before, but now I know how it’s done, it’ll be something I can utilize in other models; learning new things is always fun!

For the Bone/Jaws/Horns, I followed another tutorial, this one by GoonHammer – I’ve painted bone a fair bit before, but sometimes it’s good to look at how other people do it for the tips and tricks you pick up along the way; like that final wash of violet, would never have thought about doing that without the tutorial.

what I am enjoying about the GodTear models is the larger scale of the Champions; I’d say the followers are the same scale as Age of Sigmar models, but these guys are a fair bit bigger. It makes for more canvas to paint on, which I adore – while other painters may paint real crisp, clean models, I like seeing paint strokes on my minis, which might make them look a little rough and ready.

Other thoughts/notes…
Yes, he does have a pink beard, I wouldn’t argue with him about it.
No, I didn’t paint his eyes.

I’ll be picking up his banner and followers shortly, they’ll follow a similar paint scheme to Skullbreaker himself I’m sure, just to tie them all in together as a warband.

From a gaming perspective, I’ve had two with Skullbreaker against Lord Commander Eloth, I am still suffering a bit from New Player/New Champion syndrome, but so far I am enjoying the fact he hits like a ton of bricks!

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