3W Wednesday – 2nd March

What are you reading?

The Handmaids Tale – Margaret Atwood

I picked up The Handmaid’s Tale from the local library after watching the first series. It’s always good to compare sources between books and TV series. Currently, I am enjoying the TV series more as I am finding the writing style of the book a little difficult. I always enjoy books/programs that challenge the way you think and this book certainly does that. Is a world like the dystopian one here credible? Would women really stoop to become all they are in this book after having the freedom to do anything they wanted prior? It’s an interesting read in many respects, but it’s a bit hard going.

What did you read last?

Claws of the Genestealer – Cavan Scott

I really rate the Warhammer Adventures books, they’re a good introduction to the Warhammer settings and don’t tone down the ‘grim-dark’ as much as you’d think for a children’s book. Claws of the Genestealer is very ‘Alien’ in a lot of respects, the children being chased around both planet and abandoned ship by an alien creature. It’s a pretty thrilling ride, very fast-paced, and highly entertaining. I really recommend these books for both adults and children alike.

Lorgar: Bearer of the Word – Gav Thorpe

I’ve been meaning to read some of the books already in my collection this year, so far I’ve managed a whopping… 2. So it’s time I get my finger out and get reading more. I have found myself drawn to Lorgar since reading The First Heretic, so it makes sense to pick up his Primarchs book. Especially after the announcement of another in this series, that’ll have to be purchased upon release. These are also relatively short books so they’ll help me catch up on the book count for the year!

I hope you all have a good week and managed to get some pages turned. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some reviews written this week.

3 responses to “3W Wednesday – 2nd March”

  1. Do you read the Warhammer Adventures along with Marcus? Has he any interest on the hobby front? I liked Claws of the Genestealer as well. These books got a lot of hate from the elitists, but I cant help thinking in a different direction.


    • I tried reading the first with him a while ago, but he wasn’t interested. I’ll try again in a couple of years when he’s a bit older and the books he reads are a bit more mature.
      He likes painting and playing some of the video games with us, but generally I get he feeling he is a bit young for it all yet and I don’t want to force/push him to hard.

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