3W Wednesday – 9th March

What are you reading?

Lorgar: Bearer of the Word

I’m already a good way through this book and I’ve enjoyed every second of it! It’s a proper origin story for the Primarch of the Word Bearers and, honestly, it explains a lot. I feel it’s one of the better ones in this series so far, and it’s doing what the series set out to do; detail the history of the Primarch prior to the Horus Heresy. Lorgar and the Word Bearers have fast become one of my favourite Chapters/Legions so, I am somewhat biased towards this one. I’ll be finished with it in a couple of days, if not today, so fingers crossed for a review up soon.

What did you read last?

A Litter of Bones – JD Kirk

One of my favourite reads of the year so far. Very much a classic detective ‘who-dun-it’ with all the wonderous twists in narrative that keep the reader guessing right until the end. I adore books like this, the thrill of the case, the unexpected turns, and the grizzly lead Detective Inspector that breaks all the usual conventions. Set up in Scotland, this is the first of a 13 book series and I’d very much like to track down the rest of the novels after powering through this one in two sittings!

What will you read next?

Sharpe’s Gold – Bernard Cornwell

I’m running with my default answer of Sharpe here. It’s been a while since I picked one of these up so it’s about time! I’m trying to go through a ‘Read the shit I own’ phase and refrain from getting more books, be that in-store, library, or NetGalley. Wish me luck, buying things is addictive! Having said that I am going on holiday soon so hoping to read a bit while away, getting books crossed off the list is always good!

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