3W Wednesday -16th March

What are you reading?

Troubled Blood – Robert Galbraith

Troubled Blood came in at the library so I snagged it! I didn’t intend on reading it so soon after Lethal White, but it’s a brick of a book and I had a bit of a gap in my schedule. I’m about 35% through, and while it’s a little rambling – like the other books in the series – I am enjoying the pacing of the novel; just got to prepare myself for the inevitable info dump at the end! As I said, this book is a bit of a brick at 900+ pages, I am hoping to get it finished before I run out of scheduled reviews!

What did you read last?

Lorgar: Bearer of the Word – Gav Thorpe

A book that’s bound to divide readers. It’s a very religious-based book and I can see that won’t work for some. Personally, I loved this book. I like the Primarch books when they are a dedicated origin story; and Lorgar is certainly that! It details the whole ‘The Word or the Mace’ thing that Word Bearers have going on. It also shows how the Primarchs are utterly shaped by their upbringing; Lorgar was manipulated throughout the whole thing and honestly, Kor Phaeron, is such a bag of dicks!! If you’re at least halfway interested in reading about the Word Bearers and/or Lorgar, then this is a great book. If you have no interest, then it might be a struggle to get through.

What will you read next?

The Whisper Man – Alex North

I picked this up from Bleakholt Animal Sanctury at the weekend (Along with a couple of Jonathan Kellerman books) as it was 3 for a £1. I took this one off the shelf because it looked interesting and I couldn’t get it back on again, so it came home with me. It fits with the whole, ‘Crime/Serial Killer’ theme that seems to be leaking into my current reads – it’s a good trend to be going on with. Also a first read for me from this author and it’s always good to discover new authors.

Have a great week everyone. Happy reading.

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