3W Wednesday – 23rd March

What are you reading?

Sharpe’s Gold – Bernard Cornwell

Bookstooge reminded me that I am reading this series with a recent post of his and I had a bit of a gap in my reading schedule so figured I’d pick up the next in the series. Although I’ve somehow messed up my order and read the book after this one already. So far, it’s pretty good and on par with the rest of the series. Sharpe hasn’t fallen in love yet either, which always tends to help. It’s just going through the setup and Sharpe is being his usual charming self in respect to his fellow officers. I don’t think this will take me long to read and will help fill the time between now and picking up my next book

What did you read last?

Troubled Blood – Robert Galbraith

I came into this series looking for controversy. I didn’t get it. However, I have found another enjoyable series to read! Troubled Blood was a bit on the long and bloated side, but the tale was decent enough and the character drama kept me going too. It wasn’t my favourite book in the series and at 900 pages it was bordering on a bit too cumbersome. Still, at this point, I am invested! The missing persons/murder/cold case was the highlight of the book and kept the pages turning just enough for me to remain intrigued for what’s going to happen next.

What will you read next?

The Witcher: Sword of Destiny – Andrzej Sapkowski

I know this one is in the very near future as a part of a buddy read with Dave and Mark. It’s Dave that’s been organising this buddy-read for us so not sure if Mark has already read this one/joining us or not. Either way, it’ll be good to pick this series up again and have some helping hands along the way.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read the next one in this series already – as the series is somewhat confusing in terms of order – but it’ll be great to get cracking again. I remember the world-building being as interesting as the characters and story. Also, I’ve not seen the second series on Netflix yet, so it might inspire watching that too!

Have a great week everyone.
Happy reading.

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