3W Wednesday – 29th March

What are you reading?

Sword of Destiny – Andrezej Sapkowski

Picking up this book as a part of a buddy read with Dave and Mark – been meaning to read more of The Witcher series so it was a pretty good excuse to get started again. I’ve only just finished my previous read and am going to pick this up as soon as I’ve written this post!

I’ve read a couple of the other books in the series already, but finding the proper reading order for these books is a pain! So, who knows where I really am!!

What did you read last?

Secrets of the Tau – Cavan Scott

I unapologetically love these books! I think bringing the Warhammer setting to younger audiences is a great idea. Although this offering in the series wasn’t as great a hit as the others for me (Which I shall explain in the review later in the week.) There’s a great section in the back that is really fun; shows you the Tau alphabet! That’s just cool! It’s a decent story with some small irritations that hindered my enjoyment of the book as a whole.

What will you read next?

Hawk Divine – J. M Duke

From fellow WordPress blogger, J.M Duke, whose blog posts and illustrations I have come to take great pleasure in lately. Upon seeing that she has a book out on Kindle Unlimited I couldn’t resist. I am a little concerned that my old Kindle won’t do the illustrations justice, but I am looking forward to reading the interpretations of Egyptian Gods and the stories that they have to tell.

I will be on holiday 6th – 13th of April, so won’t have much time to post in between those times (Some posts might be scheduled) I’m taking my Kindle with me and am hoping to do a spot of reading while I am away – got to get some of these ebooks crossed off the reading list somehow!!

4 responses to “3W Wednesday – 29th March”

  1. Wow, I’m honoured! Thank you 😅 Will be very interested in any feedback from you, as I’m hoping to publish a new edition at some point as part of encouraging myself to publish some new stuff!

    Just finished reading Sword of Destiny. Intrigued to see what you and Dave make of it (maybe Mark too, I’ve not bumped into his blog before).


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