Book Photos

I am currently away on holiday, so rather than trying to guess what’s coming up on the Reading List and knowing what I’m currently reading ahead of time…

I thought I’d share some recent photographs of book-related things I’ve managed to snap.

I’d very much like to take some more still-life pictures of the books that I own. I admit I do already take some for my Instagram account, but I’d really like to put a bit more effort in this area. Just to keep things looking visually interesting and keep the creativity side of my brain entertained! It also helps that I’m currently enrolled in a 12 week Photography Evening course and am picking up tips and tricks all the while.

Let me know what you think? I’ll be happy to read your comments when I am back from holiday!

4 responses to “Book Photos”

  1. Nice photos Jenn! 🙂 I had to turn my Chromebook through 90 degrees clockwise and then 90 degrees anti-clockwise to read the book titles mind you – I’m pretty sure you didn’t put them all the same way up on purpose! Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

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    • Sorry about the radio silence! I didn’t take my phone away with me and since getting home been working on getting the blog looking right.

      I finished The Witcher before going away, but didnt have time to write to you about it.
      I’ll be going through my emails over the weekend.

      Witcher was a decent read but didn’t have enough monster hunting in it for me so got a bit lacklustre.

      I’ll attempt to write some reviews but with kiddo off school not sure what time I’ll have.

      Hope you’re okay?


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