Titus, The Disgraced and the Glory Seekers

Lord Commander Eloth managed to twist my arm and get me into playing GodTear. Thus, painting GodTear! We had a Kiddo free couple of days while he was having a sleepover at his Grandma’s so miniature painting was achieved!

I’d finished Titus sometime earlier this year but his followers have been in some sort of base coated limbo for the past few months. I’ve sort of given myself the task of finishing off ‘stuff’ before buying anything new (This isn’t working, but hey-ho) and would really like to get my share of primed models finished before embarking on anything new – we’ve all said it, all been there, right?

As a game, I enjoy GodTear over any of the other tabletop games I’ve played recently. 40k and AoS feel too big to fit in on an evening, especially considering I’ve not played them in years and the rules set deems intimidatingly massive (Before you’ve added in anything fun like Stratagems). Godtear bridges the gap between board games and war games nicely, so at the moment it’s our ‘go to’ (When we’re not being addicted to Darkest Dungeon)

You can build the game up with different Warbands and most of the models are pretty good in their own right. Titus and his cronies you get in one of the Starter Sets, and he’s pretty good at killing things (My preferred play style!)

12 responses to “Titus, The Disgraced and the Glory Seekers”

    • Thank you. I am pleased with how they turned out.

      With all the doom-saying about WordPress, I tried going self-hosted. It didn’t work out and I came back to WP.com – it’s easier and I find I enjoy blogging more when part of a bigger community.

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      • 😅😅😅I don’t think anyone out side Aus would know them , but for the record they are the Broncos from the state of Queensland 😉my wife’s home state where we lived for some years before moving south 🤓.

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