[Book Review] Orc-Gasm – Maddy McNeel

Title: Orc-Gasm
Author: Maddy McNeel
Published by: ???
Publication date: 22nd Jan 2020
Genre: Erotica/Orc-Smut
Pages: 29
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Stand-alone

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Xen manages to capture an Orc during an attack on an Orc Fortress. Orcs aren’t captured often, and Xen needs to make him talk. He’s a massive stubborn brute, but she quickly learns what he likes, and she learns exactly how to make the Orc captive succumb to her will!

WARNING: Contains graphic orc sex scenes and and mature erotic content. Mature Audiences only 18+!


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I figure I have to get myself out of a reading/blogging slump somehow and if that’s by making a mockery of myself and reading/reviewing a small niche subgenre that I take guilty pleasure in, then so be it. I picked this one up first for the punny title.

So, Orc Smut is where the fun is at! Orc-Gasm by Maddy McNeel was a decent enough starting point for this adventure; it features Xen a Captain in an all-female soldier regiment fighting and hunting orcs. She finds one such specimen and brings him back to her home-tower where she laments her vow of celibacy and then proceeds to break her vows with her savage captive.

Honestly, in terms of world-building, there is very little. Why is Xen going to Orc-land to kill orcs and capture them? We don’t know. We’re just meant to assume that all orcs are savage beasts in this particular setting and run with it! The build-up combat and capture of the orc, who remains nameless throughout, was probably the best part of this particular book. The pacing was decent and the introduction to Xen and her fellows provided some decent entertainment.

There was an instance in the book where Xen craftily locks herself in the room with her captive orc in order to have her wicked ways with him undisturbed, only for her to be banging on the door in the next scene so that the guards can let her out. I know this is an erotica novel and the emphasis is on how big the dudes dick is, but little plot inconsistencies like that annoy me. I like a decent plot with my porn and this… didn’t really provide much in the ways of build up.

The erotica side of the novel wasn’t really all that inspiring, although the dynamic between Xen and her captive provided a decent break from the norm. The orcs in this particular setting are savage and inhuman so there was no paying a ‘bride price’ for Xen and whisking her away which seemed to be the most commonly adhered to trope. But, there is very little in the ways of chemistry between Xen and her brute which didn’t really make me want to invest in the book to deeply, but considering it’s only 29 pages and I’m sure a lot of that page count is the preview for another of Maddy McNeels novels at the end, investment wasn’t really a requirement!


I’d like things to be a bit deeper in terms of connections between characters, maybe just giving the poor Orc a name would have helped!? Still, glad to see someone writing outside the usual tropes, despite the plot holes in this particular story.

All in all, it wasn’t terrible and I’ve not been completely put off by the author’s style or skills. I’ve seen she has a few more Orc-related titles in her line-up so will no doubt give them a read too!

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