[Book Review] Stolen and Used by the Orc Warrior: Alpha Orcs and their Carnal Desires – Sydney Black

Title: Stolen and Used by the Orc Warrior.
Author: Sydney Black
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 1st April 2022 (Hah!)
Genre: Erotica/Orc-Smut
Pages: 28
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Alpha Orcs and Their Carnal Desires

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Eva & Silas

When innocent Eva is kidnapped from her village by a band of orcs, she never expects to feel an intense and relentless need for their leader, Silas. As she is pushed to her physical limits while traveling with them through a storm, she finds herself leaning on him for comfort and exploring her growing attraction for the rugged orc.

As Silas’ urges grow stronger for the tiny human called Eva, he distances himself to keep her safe. But when her life is put in danger he is unable to stay away and his need for her forces him to take action.

Will Eva be able to withstand Silas’ urgent hunger for her body or will his dark desires break her?

Stolen and Used by the Orc Warrior is a dirty novella featuring an innocent and untouched young woman who is captured by an aggressive, alpha orc. Once he gets a taste of Eva, he will stop at nothing to claim her and her womb


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Jeez, is this sort of thing all my reading experience has come to?

Stolen and Used by the Orc Warrior see’s main character Eva trapped and stolen by a savage orc warband. She is tied and forced to walk alongside the Orc bands hogs until she cannot walk a step more; which is where her strong Alpha Male Orc, Silas comes into the picture. He straps her to his hog, smells her and is intrigued by her. Wants to make her his. Claim her and become hers. Uncertain on the appeal of an Orc and the betrayal of her body, she initially, resists until she no longer can. Bonking happens.

The plot of this novella is really simple; put two characters close together and the female lead suffers from an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome while the other gets horny over how she smells, only resisting because he doesn’t want to look like a fool in front of the other Orcs.

At only 28 pages long there’s not much going on with this book. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent, quick and easy read and that’s sometimes all you need. So if you’re not looking for vast world-building, character development, conflict/resolution and are just down to read a quick fling involving an Orc claiming a human lover, this is for you! There’s some entertaining scenes involving Troll attacks; which could have done with a bit more focus on in terms of non-sexual action.

I rather liked how the two characters came together and the internal conflict in them both; their hesitations felt realistic enough, sure, they got over them quick enough and resolved their differences swiftly, but any more and the short story would have felt too bogged down with inaction. I’d maybe have like a bit more depth to the other characters; a bit of banter here and there. And, maybe a bit more development of the world in which they all inhabited would have made the story feel a bit more fleshed out. Still, for what it is, it’s not a bad, quick story!

The erotica that is within is decent enough. The tension between the two lead characters is done well enough to make the sex scenes climactic and reasonable. It’s not a heavy BDSM kink-based erotica novel which is rather refreshing and what is involved is rather light and somewhat fluffy compared to many book in the ‘Orc-Smut’ sub-genre.

There’s a host of spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book that threw me out of the immersion of the story; so I’d highly recommend a beta reader or editor get involved with the author, as there is a lot of promise in the author’s writing talents. Hopefully, these will be a bit more ironed out in the sequel novel and have been edited out before release.


A very quick story that has a plethora of spelling errors and misplaced words. A good start for a new author, though, as the characters are enjoyable and the romance/erotica side of their relationship is enjoyable if brief. Would like to see a bit more of the expanded world/universe & characters being utilised. Will be keeping an eye on this very promising author.

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