[Book Review] ORC – Layla Fae

Title: Orc
Author: Layla Fae
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 20th Jan 2022
Genre: Erotica/Orc-Smut
Pages: 53
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Monster Ever After

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Karla never dreamt she’d meet an actual orc. Orcs don’t exist. They aren’t dangerous and powerful, with fists that might squeeze the life out of a hippo, not to mention a frail human. Their essence certainly isn’t, well, abundant – and also green and smelling deliciously nutty…
OK, fine, they exist. One is standing right there. Smelling nutty.
But even though he fills her with longing, Karla’s certain no orc in his right mind will go around lusting after her, a curvy woman suffering from adult acne, right? It’s impossible.
Well, guess what?
Gurd the Orc is in Karla’s bedroom, more than ready to conquer her with his green sword. And he’s asking for a bucket because you know what happens when an orc comes.
Karla’s carpet might never be the same after this.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I don’t even know what I was thinking when I picked this up. I mean… Yeah… desperate measures to keep things going over here, I guess?

ORC is actually the fifth book in the ‘Monster Ever After’ series, but honestly, I’m only interested in Orc-related smut so I skipped the others and read this as a standalone. It works well enough in that respects. It’s a fairly simple book in terms of plot. Satan wants a week off from causing chaos to take his wife on a honeymoon so he employs Gurd and his fellow Orc tribe to take his place. They come to Earth, pretend to be cosplayers and find strange women on the internet to have weird fantasies about sleeping with monsters.

This was by far the strangest book I have read and I’ve read some absolute belters lately! Talk about bringing a whole new meaning to the term coming buckets! Although, I did like the refreshing new take on the whole Orc-Smut theme. The two characters met in different circumstances to the regular arranged marriage or kidnapping, so that was a welcome bonus. Gurd, the main Orc character was wonderfully confident in who and what he was and Karla, wanted to meet the Orc Cosplayer of her dreams.

Well, sometimes dreams come true and they aren’t what you’re expecting. A bit like this book. I laughed. A lot. It was so ridiculously out there that I had to. Nothing about it is really believable, but I think that’s the entire point. It’s humorous in a; “It’s so bad, it’s good,” sort of way. ORC pushed the limits of my suspension of disbelief to the extreme and, even though I am now an accomplished Orc-Smut reader, I feel a little bit wrong for having read this one! There are fetishes in here that would make the most dedicated hentai aficionado squirm! Excessive bodily fluids turned into skin-care products, belly/womb inflation, size-difference taken to the maximum!

And yet, it’s still fun. I like books that are aware of what they are. ORC is succinctly aware that it is filthy trash and I love it for that! It’s over the top, it’s weird.

It’s also an incredibly short read. At only 53ish pages – some of which is the epilogue – it didn’t take long to get through, which is a saving grace. Any longer and I think it would all get a bit on top of itself and start taking itself seriously. When the main character tells you they’re going to need a bucket when they have sex, then you can’t allow it to be taken seriously. It’s a complete hoot and if you’re prepared for it to be silly, then you’re laughing along with it. After the other Orc-Smut books I’ve read, I wasn’t expecting it to be silly, so I found the lead female character Karla a little difficult to get into, Gurd was entertaining, but his cocky attitude didn’t do much for me and the sex was… mind-blowingly bizarre.


If you’re new to the Orc-Smut genre, don’t start here. Ease yourself into it with something much more sedate and normal. Thankfully a new take on the orc-romance theme. Unfortunately a bit too bizarre, even for that genre. I am hoping I’ll forget about ever having read this book in due time. If not, well, it’s my own darned fault for starting on this Orc-Smut path in the first place! And yet, it rates higher than Orc-Gasm because at least the Orc in this book has a name!

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