[Book Review] Ensnared by the Orc – Tara Phillips

Title: Ensnared by the Orc
Author: Tara Phillips
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 15th Sept 2020
Genre: Erotica/Orc-Smut
Pages: 72
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Orc Brides

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The orc who rescues her wants more for helping her than just her hand in marriage.
He wants everything.

Runa thought she enjoyed her simple life as the local village’s hermit. She has her cottage, her dog and her solitude.

That all changes when an elf knocks at her door and asks for help crossing the orc’s territory. When her troll hound disappears along with the elf she sets off to find her dog. When she’s ensnared in the same trap as her hound she finds herself at the mercy of an Orc hunter, the one who dug the pit. He doesn’t want much for rescuing them, only the rest of her life.

When her dog follows the orc home, Runa finds herself caught between the comfort of home and the promise of a new life.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Just finishing off the orc-smut reviews. This series definitely got better as they went along, shame the author seems to have vanished from the face of the earth just as the books were improving.

Ensnared by the Orc is the third and final instalment in the Orc Brides series. And, I hope you’re ready for this, it’s the first book in the series that doesn’t feature an arranged marriage/selling of a woman. Runa’s Troll Hound gets lost when escorting an uppity elf across the forest. The next day, she goes in search of her lost dog and finds him in a deep pit, which she herself falls into. Pazul, an aloof Orc Hunter finds and rescues them both. Intent on going her separate way, Runa is left to follow the Orc when her dog decides he’d rather follow him – following the scent of his in heat bitch.

Pazul is the strong, silent type of character and therefore, instantly marks him out as a firm favourite of mine in the series. Runa is strong-willed and used to following her own path in life. Therefore we have the perfect couple when it comes to power-play. Their romance isn’t entirely conventional which I particularly enjoyed – while the other two books in the series have been decently fun, this one felt a bit more considered.

Although, I must say, I wasn’t too certain about the scene in which the wives of the other Orcs from the previous novel worked so well. It felt like they were trying to coerce Runa into staying with Pazul rather than trying to make friends with her. Telling her how wonderful it is to be married to an Orc and really, it’s not all that bad. It felt a little forced and I’d have much rather seen the two main characters in his book overcome the struggles themselves rather than have Runa subjected to persuasion from outside sources.

Once again, we’re shown a bit more of the world-building that is slowly developing throughout these novels as they progress. Runa is shown the hidden-away world of the Orcs and that they don’t all live in the trees, but there is a sprawling town surrounding them also. I would have loved to be shown more of the world in which they inhabit, but it was nice to be shown that they have their own civilisation and that it works in a commune style – they work together for the betterment of their clan.

As with each of these books, it’s less than 100 pages long, so not much of a time commitment. I found this one the most enjoyable of the three, due to its themes of companionship. It was entertaining to read about a big, brute of an orc and his little fluffy dog collection. Pazul was kind-hearted toward his animals, more-so than some of the other beings around him and he was an endearing sort of character; which makes a change from the sort of Orc that kidnaps people and Stockholm-Syndromes them into submission! The two characters complimented each other and seeing them develop together was wonderful. The eventual smut scene with them was well-written and as enjoyable as the rest of the story.

Each of these books visits a different kink; the first one is consensual non-consent. The second, Shibari/rope play and this one featured more traditional Domination/submission. I think a lot of enjoyment elements of each of these will depends more on which particular kink the reader prefers.


I feel sad that there’s no more of this series. It’s been a nice bit of easy entertainment! This was my personal favourite out of the three due to its theme and content. The contrasting couple makes for an entertaining, sassy, ride, which I’d have loved to see pushed to an alternative extreme.

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