[Parrvolis] Introduction – Part 1

A while back, I started doing some writing. At first, I was putting the drabbles, short stories and prompts onto a Wattpad account. I soon realised that I was missing out on sharing things with my main audience here, so I thought I’d correct that and share them here too. Before this, however, I felt I should introduce some of the characters I have been writing about. I’ve also been using a website called Toyhou.se to host images of them and to keep them in order so I can randomise them for the prompts. I roll a d20 (Because there are 20 characters) and use a list of words as a prompt for free-writing. I’ve never felt confident with writing full novels, but enjoy writing about my characters so it feels like a good way to keep things interesting.

Abraxas Avolius

Abraxas is a Necromancer Magistrate for the Vyglisini Dominion. Necromancy is one of those grey areas of Parrvolis’ Magic System and is exclusively taught in the Dominion. Abraxas is one of a handful of Master Necromancers that fought for his country in the recent Vyglisini/Miracien war. He is wanted by the winning side for War Crimes against the legions of the restless dead – raising the dead to fight for his country is one of the lesser crimes he is wanted for.

Eyes as dark as pitch and that’s before the death magic starts creeping in. Hooded eyes, a hooked nose and a beard long enough to braid and tie a hoop into. Thick black brows and long hair tied at the back of his neck. A somewhat short and unassuming stature that hides the raw power of death that he has at his command. A serious sort of fellow that laughs little and when he does, it is with mirth.

Adari Vizanos

A reclusive and aloof woman that works as a hedge witch in the Taikos village of Natoria. She yearns for the other half of her soul – perceiving the missing part of her life to be found in another person. The ‘daughter’ of Lord Martel Cornello of the Corvash Vampire Clan, she will be long-lived and searching for eternity or more to find her soul mate.

She finds herself moving from place to place with regularity due to her Vampire heritage and has a fondness for the simplicity of life that the Taikos region offers – where she can ply her herbalism trade with relative ease.


Caleb is a servant, seneschal and accountant for the Chelchester Estate and submissive to Nyathena Chelchester.

He is a Borzi. A sub-race of humans that are seen as akin to beasts of burden.

Caleb was purchased by Nyathena’s Chelchester Estate as a broken man from the Vyglisini Dominions Flesh Markets. She rebuilt him into the man he is today. A tall and physically imposing man that possesses an intelligence rarely explored in the Borzi sub-race. A kindness wrapped in a beaming smile and a deep desire to serve, he flourishes best under the tutelage of others.

He abhors violence and has a pacifist approach to life.

Captain William Kly Judas Farreyl

Captain of the trading vessel Radiant Horizon. Captain Farreyl is a hard-working sort that demands the same from his crew. He isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty and leads from the front.

He trades throughout all corners of Parrvolis and his ship is welcome in most ports.

Dandarian by heritage Captain Farreyl has worked hard to get to where he is. His heritage is one of his closest guarded secrets as it could ruin all he has built. He rejects the way of life of his heritage, but Dandarians are generally frowned upon and mocked by those that do not understand their nomadic, seemingly backwards lifestyle.


What he wants, he takes.

He is the Warlord Ruler of Zahrakus which lies at the heart of the Soundless Sea. A ruthless Vipir that is cocky, arrogant and commanding. He became ruler of the city through murder and pillage. He has ruled for many years and become an important figurehead of the city and its wicked ways of life. He has recently become interested in the Vyglisini Dominions Flesh Markets – which he finds captivating and rather… quaint.

He fights with two single-handed weapons, and detests conventional magic but only because he cannot wield it himself.

Elijah Lynton

Witch Hunter for the Dionist Religion. Keeping the world safe from those that would shatter the mirror that keeps demonic entities from entering the civilised world of Parrvolis safe.

He is a cruel, calculating man that adores his job.

A humble servant of Dion – The principle religion of Parrvolis. Or so Elijah would claim.

He joined the Witch Hunter Order in early adulthood and has been dedicated to the cause ever since; hunting down illegal magic users and punishing them in order to keep Dion in the highest order.

He is a vicious, zealous man of faith that will stop at nothing to get his own way.

I’ll introduce some of the other characters in future posts – as well as share some of my writing here too.

All artwork has been commissioned by Yuett.

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