Incoming Heresy

Last weekend the family took a trip to see more family over in Yorkshire. On Sunday we took a trip to Driffield to see yet more family members and took a snoop around the place. Had a quick browse of the market and found The Little Book Emporium. I wasn’t expecting to find much, but they had a Feist book on the sale shelf outside and I used that as an excuse to go inside!

I am glad I did!

I actually already have a copy of The Unremembered Empire and Scars – I wasn’t sure – but for the price I couldn’t say no! It’ll keep Dave and I’s buddy read in business a bit longer, that’s for sure!

Just wanted to share a post that I’m still all about the books and not just disappearing down the Orc Smut wormhole; although that is a pretty established thing here on Eternal Bookcase now, so expect that from time to time too!

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5 responses to “Incoming Heresy”

    • It is yes!
      My sister brought them for me for Christmas a couple of years ago as a “make your own candle kit,” I use them semi regularly in my book photos – there’s a lot of different colour ones!

      I am also rather pleased with the haul! It’ll keep the Heresy going a bit longer that’s for sure!

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