[Parrvolis] Introductions – Part 2

Hello everyone! I wanted to share another set of Parrvolis characters today. I thought it’d be a good idea to introduce them all before sharing any of the stories about them. At least that way, there will be something to refer back too, should there be any confusion!


Eranin is the Queen of Erawoen.

She is the head of a Matriarchal Society. She is also a sorceress and has plans to usurp the throne of Miracien; she is ambitious and ruthless and will happily use and abuse anyone that gets serves her purpose or gets in her way.

When it comes to ritual magics none in the Kingdoms can rival her knowledge and experience.

She has no time for weakness, especially in other women.


Everard is a Templar of Dion – the principle religion of Parrvolis. He has been in service to the Temple since his middle-teenage years and as such he has fought in war-time and served during times of peace.

He is currently a ‘Relic Hunter’ for the Dionist Templars and searches throughout the many regions of Parrvolis for holy relics that belong to the church; their whereabouts often told to him in visions. He has worked alongside many different denizens of Parrvolis and the Dion Temple, including Witch Hunters – which he has a dislike for, despite understanding the reason for their work.

He is a serious sort of gentleman, however, he takes enjoyment in the adventure aspect of his profession. Often leading him to be reckless in his actions. 

Feracil Wolfbane

A demon-possessed Werewolf Hunter. 

Within Feracil is the demonic entity Argur. They argue like cats and dogs and use one another to their own advantage. Their relationship is symbiotic. Only Feracil can hear the demon within him speaking and therefore can come across as mentally unsound to outside viewers; but due to his possession his skills as a Werewolf Hunter are sought after. Argur is his best weapon and closest guarded secret.

Prior to his possession, Feracil was married, but for fear of Argur he left. Now he wonders the Taikos region hunting and surviving in any way they can. 

Gideon Ecbal

Guard Captain of Westpools City Guard. A hard-working, long-suffering sort of fellow. Perpetually tired!

Something of an average man! Long, shoulder-length, dirty-blonde hair. A scruffy beard. Average height. Once in good, decent shape but in recent years age has caught up with him. A proficient weapons master that trains the City Guard of Westpool well.


An elf with the biggest chip on his shoulder going. He’s stubborn, uncooperative, racist and bitter.

He is also the newest addition to the Chelchester household and is in service to Nyathena Chelchester who is trying her best to train the negative traits from him. However, Jaraleth has his eyes on Demios, the Warlord ruler of the Soundless Sea and has his heart set on using the Vipir to his own advantage.

Generally, he is an unpleasant fellow that has a rebellious streak when it comes to his position in life. He believes strongly that the elves of his homeland will rise again and become the prominent race of Parrvolis.


An Aeromancer Mage in the service to King Laniel and Prince Leonde of Miracien.

He is hard working, usually upbeat and in close service to Prince Leonde as a tutor; often exacerbated by the Prince and his obstinate views of learning.

He has a passion for reading, books, libraries and would like to return some day to the College of the Arcane Arts to further his own learning. Currently a 6th level Aeromancer.

He is Miracien in heritage.

I’ll be back next week with another 6 introductions and lament when I only have two characters left for the last post and curse myself for not introducing them in sets of five…

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