[Book Review] His Rock Hard Rhythm – Flora Dare & Josie Kell

Title: His Rock Hard Rhythm
Author: Flora Dare & Josie Kell
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 20th May 2022
Genre: Orc Smut
Pages: 286
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Axebender Orcs

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Alexis’s middling witch powers? A grave disappointment to her parents.

The years of hard work? About to pay off!

Her gig of a lifetime? Managing one of the biggest orc rock bands in the world, Axebender.

The fly in the potion? The lead singer, Mace.

Their first meeting? He mistakes her for a groupie.

Now? It’s showtime and Alexis has to prove she’s not afraid of a pair of wicked tusks or deep green, totally lickable muscles that go on for days.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I used a poll on Twitter to decide my next Orc Smut read – it makes things a bit interactive and shows how much fun we’re all having with my torment of this genre! His Rock Hard Rhythm won the poll, but I have no idea what the basis of the voting was!

His Rock Hard Rhythm offers a refreshing breath of air compared to many of the other Orc Smut books out there! It follows two main characters, Mace, lead singer of the Orc Rock band, Axebender and their new manager Alexis; who also happens to be a witch of rather mediocre abilities. The narrative is basically how they come together and spend the rest of their time making up and breaking up; with a few hiccups along the way.

First thing I want to do is applaud the authors for doing something different when it comes to orc romances! The idea of an Orc Rock Band is ingenious and it was a real hook for the story – seeing the characters thrust together on tour and dealing with the struggles of their initial attraction to one another made for interesting reading. It was so, so good not to see an arranged marriage!

The characters themselves were interesting, complex and endearing. Mace, the lead singer of Axebender, was a particular highlight as he felt the better developed of the two. He had his own insecurities and hang-ups when it came to his instant attraction to Alexis and his developing feelings. He was the read driving force of His Rock Hard Rhythm. It was his thoughts and interactions with Alexis and the other band members around him that kept the pages turning. Not to say that Alexis is a bad character, but I did find her more difficult to connect with. She made a few choices and reacted in ways that felt a little stilted; running away from her problems rather than facing and talking about them. She came across as somewhat immature due to her reactions and thus, harder to cope with.

The narrative itself houses its fair share of drama which twists and turns inbetween the romantic and smut scenes. Making the romance a bit more believable than the insta-love/attraction that occurs early on. Mace, with his own uncertainties about being in a relationship offers complications on his own, but on top of this are the complications with his ex-lover, who happens to resurface and make her intentions known for Mace and his new lover. All the while side characters are being slowly developed, the other Axebender band members are fun characters and I am looking forward to seeing future installments of the series to see them developing relationships of their own and seeing how they all continue to interact with one another; the bond between band-members was a shining aspect of the novel that was easily believable and well-written.

My main gripe with the book was that the orcs didn’t really seem all that orc-ish. They’re physically bigger than humans, but their mannerisms and personalities seemed to be very similar to their human counterparts. Aside from their physicality and the need to drink a large amount of energy drinks, there wasn’t that much setting them apart from the other species – which is a shame as this is handled a lot better when it comes to Shawna, Alexis’ best friend and co-manager, who has a secret of her own.

When it comes to the smutty scenes, they were entertaining, but they did drag on and on. I don’t tend to go into too much detail of these aspects of the novels in my reviews. Mostly to save my unsuspecting readers ears, but boy, was there a lot of orgasming in these scenes. You know, almost to obscene amounts. And, it just wasn’t realistic. Or enjoyable. It took away from the more tender moments that the couple shared – knowing what was coming. Them. Over and over again.

I think there’s a lot of scope for the world within His Rock Hard Rhythm as it houses a large variety of species within the world; shifters, minotaurs, orc and witches. As long as the series sticks with Orcs, I’ll keep reading! So, while I look forward to seeing where this world and it’s characters are going, I am also hoping that certain aspects of the writing is tone down a bit.

A decent story, more a romance novel that happens to have long smut scenes. Interesting characters and a different take on the Orc-Smut genre. Love the setting and the idea of an Orc Rock band. Just needs a bit more polish to the plot and a bit more attention to detail rather than dragging out the smut.

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