Monthly Wrap up – August 2022

This month I hit my yearly goal of reading 52 books, with another four months left in the year. Is still have a few reading goals I’d like to hit. Mostly surrounding the Horus Heresy, but there’s no pressure on buddy readers!

I’ve not written a wrap up post for a few months, but figured I should get back on track with them again. It’s always nice to look back and see how things are going, what’s been enjoyable to read and what hasn’t.

Rescued by the Orc Chieftain – Celeste King

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

These types of books aren’t something I’d have ever seen myself picking up, but they got me through a bad reading slump, so I figure I should keep on with them; even adding their own page here.

This one was a rather light and fluffy Orc-Smut book compared to the others, with the main Orc character having mental health issues that meant he wanted to keep the human he encountered close at hand. I rated it highly because the reasons for keeping the two characters close was different to the usual arranged marriage/Stockholm syndrome affair.

Pregnant by the Orc-Apha – Sydney Black

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Uninspiring plot and characters. Nothing memorable about this other than the lead female character saying that her happy memories of home included starting her period, she’d then used as breeding stock for an orc and apparently loves every minute of it. It was a quick, cheap read, but I have absolutely no desire to read anything else by this author isn’t someone whose work I have really enjoyed – although, they are quick and cheap, so they make decent enough filler books for when I am undecided on what to pick up next in terms of more serious books.

Sharpe’s Escape – Bernard Cornwell

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ahhh, comfort zone ahoy! With Sharpe, I know what I am in for. A decent story, heroic battles, enemies within and without the Army and some terrible romantic sub-plot. I wasn’t disappointed with Sharpe’s Escape and it felt real good to get back into the series. Sharpe novels are an easy, entertaining read that promises a good, fun piece of sensationalism. I’m hoping to pick up the next one in the series sometime in September.

The Emperors Legion – Chris Wraight

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I struggled with this book. I wanted to like it a lot more than I actually did. Custodes and Sisters of Silence in Warhammer 40k, what’s not to love. The writing style, apparently. Everything felt a little over-cooked in terms of description that lead the pacing way off. Characters were interesting enough, but it was also rather confused with the amount of sub-characters in terms of whose-who. Also a sense of time and place was lacking, when was this set again?

His Rock Hard Rhythm – Flora Dare & Josie Kell

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

One of the better Orc-Smut novels I’ve read! At thie point, I’ve been letting Twitter choose which Orc Smut book I read next, and this one was a clear winner! It made for a refreshing read as well, being set in modern-day fantasy staring Orc Rock Band, Axebender and featuring lead singer Mace. It still has a lot of the usual romance tropes, like, not being able to talk about discussions and feelings.

The only thing that put me off really was the insane amount of orgasming that the characters did. That was… mindblowing.

Highwayman: Ironside – Michael Arnold

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Been meaning to read more and different historical fiction, so I picked up this trilogy from an Oxfam shop in Louth. I am so glad I did because, although I’ve only reviewed the first one thus far I binge read them all one after the other! They’re a lot of fun and offer the same sort of heroic sensationalism as Sharpe does; only on a much smaller scale. Set in the Cromwellian Era of British History, Lyle Samson is an ex-parlimentarian that’s suffered at their hands and is hellbent on doing as much damage to the ruling party as he can. These are only really short novellas and it was great to read something quick and easy.

I have read more than these books this month, but these are the only ones I’ve had the chance to write about. The other books that are pending reviews are, Orc’s Toy, The Orc Wife, Highwayman: Winter Swarm, Highwayman: War’s End and Across the Nightingale Floor.

This month also see’s me returning to art/drawing and sharing my own short stories/scenes on here under the Parrvolis category tag.

So, as always, a lot going on and being done and lots of thing being shared. It’s been a tough month too, because the kiddo has been off school. He re-starts school early next month, so expect a heap more posts…. fingers crossed!

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9 responses to “Monthly Wrap up – August 2022”

    • I wasn’t enamoured with it and the insta-love romance aspect of the novel annoyed me. But not as much as the ending which I felt cheated over.
      Have you read it? What did you think if you have?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I read all 5 books in the series. It didn’t have as much supernatural stuff as I was hoping. The ending was definitely japanese tragedy to the core, would have made Shakesepeare grind his teeth in envy 😀

        If you weren’t enamoured by the first book, I’d be hesitant to recommend continuing on. If you feel that you “have to” (man, all book bloggers get bitten by that bug at some point, don’t they?), then if you still don’t care for the 2nd book, just drop it. If you like the 2nd, keep on going.

        It’s been long enough that I can’t remember if Floor ends on a standalone ending or if it’s obvious it’s just the start of a trilogy.


    • It’s so bad!! But it’s really good fun too. They’re entertaining in their own way and it’s great to have a cheap and easy escape when things feel too serious!

      I didn’t realise there were people as deranged as I am in the world and it’s rather comforting!!


    • It’s cheap and cheerful! And I’ve got my Twitter account on board with them as well, so they help me pick the next dodgy title!!

      Thank you, it’s good to get back into the swing of things again.
      I hope you have a great month too.


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