[Parrvolis] Introductions – Part 3

Seeing as I’ve shared a few writing prompts, I figured I should introduce some more characters from the setting before things get completely confused! I finished off the list of characters in this posts, didn’t want the Orcs getting the glory of their own post.

King Laniel

The ruler of the dominant state on the world of Parrvolis. He’s a stern, stoic character that doesn’t laugh easily. He spent a year in isolation after the death of his wife and since his return he has ruled with an iron fist, unhappy with the way his son and his advisors ruled in his stead.

He is father to Prince Leonde and Princess Deanna and is mistrusting of both of them for their youthful, indulgent ways and keeps them on both on a tight leash.

He is dedicated to Dion’s teachings and keeps faith with the Dionist Church that houses the Witch Hunter order and its templars.


Young and eager to prove himself worthy in his fathers eyes – who seems to be more difficult to please with each passing day. Leonde has the makings of a fine warrior king, a thirst for knowledge about all manner of combat comes at the detriment for learning other topics, such as politics, culture and decorum.

His prowess in the combat arts are unmatched by any of his peers, but he doesn’t tend to gloat or lord his skills or his royal position over others. He is a humble sort that just needs to spend a bit more time listening to his lessons rather than day dreaming about fighting vicious beasts.

Marvel Cheveron

Mage in training at the College of the Arcane Arts, he is of the 10th Level in the Metallurgy Class at the College – the highest attainable level being 11th, unless they’re Grand Master of the College.

A kind, studious young man that cares deeply for his fellow mages and the lessons of the college. He has an aura that inspires calm in his fellow mages with an authority that comes with experience from many years of study in the College. He is well respected for his advancement of the Metal-Class of the Arcane Arts; a class that has fallen out of fashion in recent years.

Despite being highly trained in the arts as a battle mage, he’d much rather talk his way out of a confrontational situation. He detests Witch Hunters, seeing their persecution of unsanctioned mages unnecessary.

Nyathena Chelchester

Nyathena Chelchester runs the renown Chelchester Estate, a house world famous for its abilities to cater to nearly any erotic desires. She is deeply sensual and cares for those under her charge; to the point where she desires to change the ways of the Vyglisini Dominion Flesh markets, despite most of her staff being purchased from the vile place.

She is married to Military General Alphonzo Chelchester, but their marriage was one of political convenience – they get along but their relationship is complicated by her husbands sexuality.

She personally trains her slaves and staff members, bringing out the best in them through trust and dedication.

Sabastian Flynt

A young apostate of the aeromantic arts. He is naive and owes a life-dept to Skaejre – who granted him more time to live after seeing him cursed by fae-folk for his rude demands of them to teach him Enchantments despite not being in full mastery of his current arcane arts.

The experiences have left him rather unhinged and utterly reckless. He places little value in his own life, but is also afraid of death and those that grant it; even Skaejre, the one who saw enough potential in him to save his life.


A death druid from the Soundless Sea. She is an aloof individual that places little trust in others. She enact rituals to enable her to track the souls of the dying so that she can hunt them down and add what little life they have left to her own or to spare them, depending on her whim; making her both long-lived and feared.

She granted Sabastian more time on Parrvolis, believing his Arcane Skills could be tempered and utilised, but didn’t realise the extent of his fractured mind. She has vowed to turn him into something more than he currently is.


Elijah Lyntons’ right hand man. He is a hired mercenary under the Witch Hunters employ. The orc brings light-hearted relief to his sour mooded employer.

He is well connected and has lived a long life amongst the various soldiers and mercenaries of Parrvolis, sadly, that life came to an end when he and Lynton were the only two survivors of a tribal attack in the Soundless Sea and he’s stayed next to the Witch Hunter ever since.

He enjoys the finer things in life, like, ale, bad jokes and steak pies.


The unlikely husband of Queen Eranin.

It’s surprising how quietly such a large orc can move. Broad of shoulder and, rather short for one of his heritage. Dark olive-skin, which is barely seen beneath facial coverings, hoods and layers of leathers. Short hair, closely cropped to his scalp at back and sides, breaks the conventions of his race. Usually seen with twin axes slung at his hips; he’s a sneaky one that’ll snap necks, ram his axe in your guts and flitter away, with barely any notice.

Wulfstrad was dropped off at the Erawoen orphanage at the age of nineteen months. He has never shown any interest in reconnecting with the family that abandoned him and barely thinks of them.

In his early years he was prone to picking fights, even with the older children, trying to establish himself in the pecking order – usually to no avail, as such he turned his hand to sneakier tactics of intimidation. He trained himself in pick-pocketing, theft and blackmail under the dubious tutelage of the orphanages owner. This is also where he met his friend, Hammer. With whom he formed a particular friendship.

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