WWW+W Wednesday – 7th Sept 2022

What are you reading?

King – Ben Kane

A book picked up on a whim from the local library. It’s the third, and final, book in a trilogy featuring Richard the Lionheart and his loyal retainer, Sir Rufus. I’ve been wanting to get more historical fiction under my reading belt and figured this was a good book to pick up – I have a heap of Ben Kanes other books on my shelf I’ve not yet read and its always good to read new-to-you authors. I’m not convinced about going back and reading the series from the start though, it’s been good to get back on track with reading and using this book as a push in the right direction has been great, it has made me want to pick up the rest of my historical fiction pile without making me want to add even more to it.

The Inquisitor – Mark Allen Smith

A book that I came across while in the charity shop I volunteer at. I was trying to avoid reading thrillers/crime novels as they don’t fit in with my current blogging goal/niche. Geiger is an Information Retrieval specialist, getting information out of people is what he does best, but he never works with children. Then a client wants him to work on one and he ends up rescuing him instead. I have high-hopes for this thriller novel, which I started reading alongside another book – something I rarely do – because I don’t think it’s right to take library books into the bath with me. Not very far into it yet, but so far, it’s an interesting character study of a very damaged person.

What did you read last?

The Orc Wife – SJ Sanders

I’ve been asking Twitter to pick my next Orc-Smut reads. For some reason, they picked this one. I think so see if the story/writing is as bad as the front cover. Spoiler Alert. It was.

Sammi is abandoned by her boyfriend, does some stupid stuff, and gets whisked away to another land by Orgath, the orc.

Annoying lead characters that have no business being anywhere near one another. I should have DNFed this one at the point when the lead female character describes herself based on her boobs and ass being curvy and then laments how she isn’t desirable or conventionally pretty. But, for some ungodly reason I pushed on and finished it. Not sure what to think about this sort of thing anymore, it’s a silly fun genre, but the books are mostly bad!

What will you read next?

The Witcher: Time of Contempt – Andrzej Sapkowski

I completely forgot I’m meant to be reading this as part of a buddy read. I’m going to correct that mistake by picking it up as soon as I’ve finished my current reads. Sorry guys.

The second… sorta… book in The Witcher series. I’ve not read this one before, so it’ll be good to get back into the swing of things. I hope there’s a bit more Witchering going on in this one compared to the last, as well as the continuation of the overall plot. Maybe a bit of politicking and dastardly-moustache twirling thrown in too. We shall see.

What else?

The added +W from the title. I’m hoping to double down again on the bookish front, I feel like I’ve been a bit off kilter with everything again lately and let a few too many plates get spinning. It was rather overwhelming and felt like too much to commit to. So, back to the bookish focus, I go.

I applied for a few jobs over the summer & prior relating to books and after a disaster of an interview, I’m not sure if I am going about things the right way. As such, I’d like to get things going on here again and hope that I can keep on track better – hence the return of these posts. Accountability and all that!

Speaking of which, I hit my 52-books goal on GoodReads for the year already, so I increased the amount to 70. If I reach the goal quickly, I’ll increase it again. I like having goals that are understandable and obtainable.

Hope you all have a great week!

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