[Book Review] The Orc Run – Poppy Kildare

Title: The Orc Run
Author: Poppy Kildare
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 11th July 2020
GenreOrc Smut
Pages: 31
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: The Orc Run

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When the orcs run wild…

Viola has never entered the infamous Orc Run, the sordid, sinful ritual that keeps her city safe from demons.

But when she is chosen as tribute, she must make a choice of her own. Will she agree to be stripped and oiled, and willingly taken by a masterful orc?


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I needed a bit of a book refresher after reading a couple of more heavy-going books. A short and sweet Orc Smut seemed to fit the bill, so I found this one in my ‘want-to-read’ list on GoodReads.

Noblewoman Viola hasn’t ever been satisfied with her marriage to the Lord Chamberlain, so when she overhears her housemaid Lili speaking about her experiences in The Orc Run, she becomes curious and a little hot under the collar. She discovers that her husband has cheated the King of his due by taking her name out of the strongbox; where tributes for The Orc Run are drawn. She, she secretly stuffs her name back in and is, unsurprisingly, chosen to be this years noblewoman tribute.

Firstly, I applaud Poppy Kildare as an author for trying something a bit different with her Orc Erotica, yes there are women that are given up as tributes, but there’s a twist to this that differs from the usual handing over of a bride. The Orc Run is a yearly ritual where humans offer up women to orcs in return for protection from demons. The woman run through the forest until an orc catches them and has his wicked ways with her – with her consent of course.

This is a very short story and half of the time is spent with Viola and her Orc partner going at it. The romance and smut itself are rather tame in terms of content, but it’s still an enjoyable read, as there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of vanilla romance. There is also a huge emphasis on consent. I’m not saying I want to read about woman being raped by Orcs, but having to stop every few actions to make sure the woman you’re violating wants to be violated was a little bit emersion breaking.

Viola as a main character is entertaining to read about, her sheltered life and eavesdropping on her servants are just as entertaining to read about as she sprawled out on her back! I did feel like the Orc was a little bit flat and only there to provide his large penis; he wasn’t given a name until after their love-making, which really didn’t help endear him to me, nor make him feel like the essence of his character was all that important.

The ending is promising for there being more in store for this couple, but I guess they’ll run off into the sunset and never be seen again!

The Orc Run is a very short, quick and easy story to read and follow. It’s a bit predictable in places, especially the ending with the couple. But, it filled a short gap in my daily schedule and fitted the bill nicely. What is written, is written very well and it would be amazing to see the author write something a bit longer, so that the world can be further fleshed out and the characters better developed. As it is, it’s a decent hit of Orc Smut for when time is short; something I’ll remember for the next offering in the series.


An interesting twist on the tribute trope that’s common in Orc Smut stories. Brilliantly written main character which makes the Orc seem flat compared. A bit more investment in a wider world setting would be fantastic, but seeing as the novel is only 31 pages long, it made for a quick and easy read.

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