WWW+W Wednesday – 28th Sept

What are you Reading?

Betrayer – Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Best. Book. Ever.

I’m really enjoying this entry in the Horus Heresy series. Word Bearers and World Eaters doing typically heretical things! Great characterisations and wonderful descriptions that don’t go overboard and feel bloated. I love the chemistry between the characters. I’m only half way through and I get the feeling that something in this book is going to completely shatter me emotionally! I mean, it won’t be the first time I’ve cried at a Warhammer 30/40k Demski-Bowden novel!!

What did you read last?

The Orc Run – Poppy Kildare

Got to keep the Orc Smut coming… bad choice of words…

A rather fun little novel that is entirely predictable in its events! It’s a very quick read at only 31 pages and I enjoyed it for the shameless, senseless smut that it is! I’ll be looking out for other works by Poppy Kildare whenever I need a good dose of cheap and easy reading.

What will you read next?

According to my book rotation list, I am due for another Orc Smut read… not quite sure how that adds up, but hey-ho! I’ll probably pick up one of Cara Wyldes Orc Mates series or one from Celeste King’s many orc series, I am currently undecided. Regardless, I have more than enough of them on my Kindle to choose from! After that, I’m due for some historical fiction again, so I’ll pick up something from my shelf. Possibly the next Sharpe novel, seeing as I really wanted to get through more of that series this year than I actually have.

What else?

I’m putting in an extra day at the shop this week, so that’s limiting my time in terms of ‘what else.’ I’ve been working hard at my writing, but don’t think I’ll be getting as much done in the Orctober/Inktober prompts as I envisioned. I have, however, been working on my own novella and a Warhamemr 40k Fanfiction prompt for Cold Open Stories. Writing takes up a lot of time and brain energy, but honestly, I am really enjoying writing and sharing my flash fiction/prompts on here – I’ve added a category and menu for it – after toying with the idea of making a website for it, but I don’t want to fall into that trap… again.

I shared the history for my Blood Guard on a discord server and the enthusiasm for it has encouraged me to consider updating it. Which, I shall aim to do depending on other time constraints. It’ll be good to get back into my own little corner of Warhammer 40k again. Maybe even do some painting, but, I can’t promise!

When the Moon Hangs low

The Kickstarter Campaign for When the Moon Hangs Low, a tabletop roleplaying game, went live this week.

This is a game that, although only playing a few sessions, I absolutely adore. It’s grim, monster-hunting, religious/cultist-based entertainment, so it’s really right up my street and I’ve loved every minute of play. It’s written by Indie Developer, Isolation Games and is a d6 based system.

The Kickstarter is for a print on demand version of the rules – which you can buy a PDF for on DrivethruRPG already – with updated artwork, additional rules, etc. Honestly, all the details are on the Kickstarter. I backed it the second it went live and am sharing on the blog here in the hopes that some of my readers will find it interesting and give it a try too.

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