WWW+W Wednesday – 5th October

What are you Reading?

Mortarion: The Pale King – David Annandale

I know, I know, I was due for some Historical Fiction, but I got this book in the mail and really wanted to read it. I’m only at the beginning where two of Mortarions brothers have dragged him back to the Galaspar System to answer for his atrocious methods of warfare. Honestly, I don’t know much about Mortarion. Aside from a few brief mentions he’s not featured much in the Horus Heresy series so far, so reading about him is enlightening. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one pans out.

What did you read last?

His Orc is Worse than his Bite – Milly Taiden & Celeste King

Book two in the Monster Orcs of Protheka series. There was something very off about the writing style of this book and, even though I read it one evening, I’m not sure I enjoyed the experience. I enjoy the characters, the development, the world setting but the erratic use of tenses was jarring. And the end scene pay-off completely changed the main character! Still, it’s another one crossed of the extensive list of Orc Smut and I’m always happy reading Orc Smut!

What will you read next?

Wolf of Wessex – Matthew Harffy

Unless I get distracted by another Orc Smut book – which is entirely possible – or one of the buddy read series gets announced, I’m going to give this book a try. I’ve had it sitting on my book tress for a while now and I keep looking at it’s spine. I’ve read the first line in the book already and I love it; “It had been a good morning until Dunston found the corpse.” Doesn’t that just hook you in right away!? Also, this book has maps and a name translator for ye-olde-english-names. It just seems to have a lot going for it!

What else?

I did something a bit exciting this week! I started writing my own Orc Smut series… If you asked me at the beginning of the year; “By the end of 2022, do you foresee yourself reading or writing Orc Smut?” I’d have laughed in your face! But, here we are anyway.

My aim for the series is to take the tried and tested tropes and turn them on their heads! So, there’s no Stockholm Syndrome, the arranged marriage won’t be what you think and no breeder-wives, either.

I’m hosting it on Wattpad, purely because I feel like I subject everyone here to enough of this stuff as it is without holding their eyes captive to actual smut! The front cover is dire, because, I am no graphic designer and I cannot afford to hire one! In time, I’ll play with it, but for now I’d like to get a good enough buffer of chapters for publishing. It updates on Wattpad every Monday and honestly, I can’t really believe that I’m sharing this with the world…

3 responses to “WWW+W Wednesday – 5th October”

    • That’s because I read that terrible Orc Smut book after Betrayer… Seriously, can I have the evening I wasted on that book back, please?

      I’ve not finished the series, not even I am *that* quick! But, I’ve written the first 7 chapters and I am releasing them weekly, like TV series used to be in the good old days!

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