WWW+W Wednesday – 12th Oct

What are you reading?

Courting Dragons – Jeri Westerson

Acquired a digital copy of this book via NetGalley. So far it’s proving to be a bit of success. The story involves King Henry 8th’s Fool investigating the rumours of his King’s Court and the attempts to dethrone the Queen; all the while facing personal blackmail for information from an unknown outsider. It’s an intriguing story and I rather like the promiscuous main character. I was somewhat surprised with my approval of this one as it’s a Severn House publication and my last review for them was not such a resounding success.

What did you read last?

Mortarion – David Annadale

It started off decently but as it went along, I wasn’t as taken with it as I was hoping. You get a decent feel for Mortarion and what his Death Guard stand for, but there is a lot of focus on The Order antagonists who I just didn’t care a single iota for. It’s a bittersweet tale that was meant to teach Mortarion something, but it feels like the message fell on deaf ears. The cameos of two other Primarchs and the inclusion of a certain Legionary called Garro heightened the deal, but it’s not my favourite book in the Primarchs series and it didn’t sway my opinion of the Death Guard, like some of the other books in the series have.

What will you read next?

I’m at the point where I don’t really want to commit to anything because everything I say I am going to read get’s put on the back burner! I am due for some Black Library next, as the Historical Fiction and ARC/NetGalley options blended into the same thing – it’ll also happen with Games Workshop. Probably less so with Orc Smut. But, in the sake of actually putting a picture here, I’ll just use the same one as last week as I really do want to read this book!

What else?

I have hit a bit of a blogging slump. I’ve not written any reviews this past week, despite having three books I enjoyed reading and could write about. I think this is partly because I’ve had a bit of a chesty cold and have not been able to find the focus for any ‘serious’ writing. And partly because I have been pouring more and more time into my own writing. I have something exciting to share about that, but at the same time need to wait because of… reasons.

Instead, I shall share the link to my dodgy Orc story again because I updated it on Monday and I am still really happy about it!

My WordPress Reader has been updated and since then I’ve received none of the notifications that people have linked back to me/the blog. I find this deeply upsetting as it’s the main way I communicated with buddy readers.

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