WWW+W Wednesday – 19th Oct

What are you reading?

Rogal Dorn: The Emperor’s Crusader – Gav Thorpe

I’m about a quarter of the way through this book and I kinda hate it. The meeting of four Primarchs in one large scale campaign should be really awesome. But it’s not. It’s so dry and dull and ugh, I might DNF it for the time being and go back to it when I am feeling more prepared for some bog-standard Space Marine action. What I have enjoyed about this series before is they bring something new to the table about the Primarchs they feature. So far, this one hasn’t. None of the characters stand out from one another, either which feels really jarring after reading Betrayer. I’ll be putting this one back on the reading list and picking it up again at another date, a shame, because Dorn really interests me.

What did you read last?

Courting Dragons – Jeri Westerson

I love this book. A historical mystery novel set in the earlier days of King Henry 8th’s reign told through the eyes of his loyal court jester, Will Somers. It’s a tale of love, romance, betrayal and murder. All set on the intriguing historical background of the Kings Court. Will is a well-written, interesting lead character that has certain problematic fancies that would see him facing the noose (or worse) should they be discovered; which are used against him by rivals of court – of which he has many! But, his saving grace is his favour of the King. Its an enchanting novel that, if you’re into Historical Fiction and Mystery, I highly recommend. Full review will be coming soon.

What will you read next?

Mark of Calth – Edited by Laurie Goulding

I’ll be starting this book at some point today, I think, especially after voicing my thoughts on Rogal Dorn! Part of my Horus Heresy buddy read with Dave. A short story anthology which I guess will fill in some of the battles that are rampaging across the Calth Subsector. I am hoping for lots of Word Bearers shenanigans, Ultramarine’s being Ultramarines and fingers crossed for a few World Eaters mania. Maybe a couple of other Chapters/Legions doing their thing too, we shall see! After this, I’ll be swinging right into the next Witcher book for the big-buddy-read-along. After that, well, we shall see. I’ve committed to reading so many books lately, and finding myself getting hung-up on a certain genre!

What else?

You know how the last couple of weeks I plucked up the courage to share the link to my own writing? Well, I am back doing that again, but only because I’ve actually got a decent book cover for it!

I asked the fine people at GetCovers to make me a new cover – because I have 25k words of this thing written now and am only just getting started. What started as an idea for a quick and easy novella has turned into something much, much larger and I am trying to push myself and prove that I can write a whole novel, not just one off flash-fictions and drabbles; it’s been great fun so far! And, I intend on keeping this going right until the very end.

Other than that, not much has been going on. It’s half term next week, so things might be a bit on the slow side; will schedule some posts up and hope for the best!

5 responses to “WWW+W Wednesday – 19th Oct”

    • Thank you. I like writing these posts as a reminder that I’ve not wasted my week doing nothing!
      And making a promise of things to come helps keep me focused too.

      Thanks for commenting~


  1. Hoping to finish the first short story in Calth today so far WB are taking the lead… Also pretty neat cover for your novel. Salty wants to know if a Dwarf can appreciate orc shenanigans and if not, how long it will take for Dwarf smut to take off? I can’t trust that guy to start a new genre…


    • I’ll have to get started! Had a busy few days.
      Thanks for the cover compliments, it certainly feels like an improvement on the previous one.

      Had a quick search for Dwarf smut, doesn’t seem to be much of a thing other than some comments about Dwarven endurance and some real dodgy hobbit fan fiction including Fili, Kiki and Thorin being buggered by Azog… which brings us right back to the Orc Snut again, and not even I want to go there!!

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