[Orcs of Valkurk] Busts

Its been a hot minute since I did any drawing. And, after a bit of a disaster of a day in terms of things just not really working out how I imagined, I needed to vent.
So I drew the Orcs of Valkurk. All of them. In one day. Because sometimes you’ve just got to remind yourself that you used to be good at something and not everything sucks!

If nothing else, it gives me something to share on the blog, because I’ve done sweet eff-a of anything else worth writing home about the past week or so!

Anyways enough of the ‘sucks’, Gromar is the Warchief of Valkurk and Kagan is the groundskeeper. Kagan has been the main-man thus far and has been doing most of the heavy lifting in terms of story.

Gaak, some people may remember from my Warcrafting days, is an ambassador to the other clans and generally figures out whats going on. Lurzal is Gromars eldest son.

Sarrod is the chef, he keeps everyone well-fed. Snagrak is the healer/shaman of the clan. These are the more under developed characters of the stronghold, I’ve plans for some of them, but nothing set in stone yet.

Strom is Gromars youngest son. He has a romantic plot-line attached to him already which is going to be fun to write about. Xurl is the stronghold’s scout, he originally came from a tribe with cannibalistic tendencies. The Orcs of Valkurk are really a band of rag-tag misfits that rejected their original tribes ways of life and banded together. So I am hoping that each of these portraits/bust all carry different ‘vibes’ while still being similar.

Yagur is the resident leatherworker and blacksmith, a very talented orc in his own right. I’d love to say I saved the best til last, but that’s Vregu and he is a bit of a shitbag!

So, yeah, 10 busts in one day. I’m proud of myself and am now settling into the inevitable deflated feeling that always follows after drawing. Regardless, I am proud of myself for doing them all in one day and now I have a check-sheet for characters’ eye colour, etc when writing. Win-win!

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