Wicked Games

As of today, I am a published author. Of Orc Smut. After years of wistful dreaming, overthinking, doubt and suppression. I did it. This year, I bit the bullet, I ate that frog and all other manners of buzz phrases. I wrote a story. I finished a story. I had faith in my story enough to publish it.

Sure, I’d never have gotten this far without a few choice words from friends. Without the last-minute encouragement to press that ‘Publish’ button on Amazon Create.

Now my dear Wulfstrad is out in the big wide world, sharing his dubious story and, most likely, hating me every second of the day for putting his worst time out to the public.

I have absolutely no expectations for this book. But, you have no idea how good it feels to be able to say, “I did a thing.”

8 responses to “Wicked Games”

  1. Well done – it’s not an easy thing to write a book and get it to the stage where you’re happy to publish it and send it out into the world. Something to be very proud of – hope it does well. 🙂

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