[Book Review] The Orc’s Princess – Poppy Kildare

Title: The Orc’s Princess
Author: Poppy Kildare
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 28th Sept 2022
Genre: Orc Smut
Pages: 49
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: The Orc Run

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When a disobedient princess meets a wily orc…

Armeria is stranded in a foreign land, made lady-in-waiting to a queen she hates.

She plans to use the infamous Orc Run to escape to a life of adventure. And if she has the chance to lie with a masterful orc along the way to her freedom…

14,000 words of huge, dominant orcs and the women who eagerly submit to their monstrous whims.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Yep. Back on my bullshit with Orc Smut.

The Orc’s Princess, is the second book in The Orc Run series and pretty much follows the same plot as the previous book only with different characters! But, it’s a fun romp so I shalt complain too much! Armeria is stuck in the Northlands and is desperate to find a way to escape the cold, frigid lands. She detests her employer and has therefore asked one of the serving girls to slip her name into The Orc Run ballot box multiple times in hope of being picked. And, picked she is. So, off Armeria goes to get oiled up by the priest and go on the infamous Orc Run.

As a lead character, Armeria is something of a personal nightmare! She might hate her current status and position in life, but boy did she come across as an entitled brat! I don’t like these sorts of characters at the best of times and it really made me struggle with the book as a whole. I get that this is a personal preference thing and seeing her brought low by Taxus; the Orc that finds her during the run, might be some peoples idea of entertainment, but it wasn’t really for me.

Poppy Kildare can certainly write the erotica parts of her novels well, they’re a high point! Actually, the personality she gets across with her female leads is pretty impressive too and I feel somewhat bad for marking the book down based on my personal preferences, but in this case, Armeria really hindered my enjoyment. However, the ending and the reveal of Taxus, who he was, what his aims were and the Happy Ever After were really well done and made up for a lot of my dislike of Armeria.

The build-up and pacing of the novella are really well crafted too. I mean, this is an erotica novella, you know what’s coming. The first half of the novella ramps up the tension to the main event nicely – and I’d love for the Priest to get his own little novella sometime… maybe that’s horribly wrong of me.

As with the previous novella in the series, consent is a big thing that’s broached more than once throughout their coupling, but I guess that has to be the case, these Orcs aren’t big brutes and are actually pretty deep and caring individuals – always nice to see the Orcs have this trope attached to them. I’d much prefer them this way than horrible, wicked rapists!

I think of the three, this is probably the weakest in the series. There was just something a bit lacking in it all somewhere and it is rather unremarkable. It is still the quick and easy read I was hoping for that, honestly, did everything I expected of it.


The female lead in this book didn’t do anything for me and her bratty ways hindered my enjoyment of the story on a personal preference level. The smut was decent and well-written and enjoyable. The Orc’ Run’s Princess isn’t exactly imaginative where everything follows the same format. At least you know what to expect!

2 responses to “[Book Review] The Orc’s Princess – Poppy Kildare”

    • Also, these particular books are part of a series and the premise is the same one.
      A woman needs to go on the Orc Run for some vague reason, then get boned by an orc.
      They’re fun for what they are, but they are all very much cut from the same cloth.

      Thanks for commenting


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