Kagan – Blazbaros Commission

I was fortunate enough to be able to commission Blazbaros to draw one of the main characters from Orcs of Valkurk. I wanted an outsider’s help in visualising Kagan and this was set in motion before I took to the pencils myself.

It feels like in recent weeks/months the blog has taken on a voice that isn’t really ‘mine,’ trying to sound far too professional for its own good. So, doing the busts, sharing this guy with everyone and the WWW Wednesday posts feel more like I am having my own say again. Not that I’m going to stop the reviews or anything, but just want to do some more posts that bring things back around and give me my voice back.

Things have felt a bit slow on the writing/reading front the past couple of weeks, mostly due to it being half term and having family staying over. Hopefully, I’ll get back on track with the Orc Smut reads and be able to get a few pages turned of Mark of Calth too. We shall see. Until then, editing the next chapter for Orcs of Valkurk!

Have a great week everyone~

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