[Book Review] The Orc’s Bounty – Poppy Kildare

Title: The Orc’s Bounty
Author: Poppy Kildare
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 4th March 2021
Genre: Orc Smut
Pages: 40
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: The Orc Run

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Aster is betrayed by her beau and put upon by her cruel mistress, and she can stand it no longer.

The delicious temptation of the Orc Run beckons…


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I wanted to cross a series of books off my list. Figured this would be a quick way to go about doing that!

The Orc’s Bounty is by far the best book in The Orc Run series, talk about saving the best til last! Aster has been betrayed by her beloved and works for the worst kind of Mistress. As the chef for the royal household, she is responsible for keeping the nobility well fed but her attempts are never good enough. After a particularly nasty encounter with the Mistress of the Household, Aster needs to flee. And fast. On the night of the Orc Run, no less. As a peasant she submits herself to the Priest who gets her ready to take the Orc Run and helps her flee the city.

Aster is an endearing character to read about, she’s had a bit of a hard life and you feel for her plight. She thought she’d met the man of her dreams, but in the end, that dream turned to nightmares and things just got worse. She’s a strong, vulnerable and sassy woman who makes up for the terrible attitude of the female lead in the previous story.

Just don’t expect a break in the mould, it’s still a woman going on the Orc Run to escape a life that she detests. Although it does deviate from the previous two stories in some ways, the convention is the same. The couple in this story are older and their experience lends itself well to the tale that was told. Aster is captured, in a roundabout sort of way, and the Orc, Ilex, has his way with her. The is more chemistry between the two main characters and their coupling, while steamy, is rather sweet. They get a much deserved Happy Ever After. They complimented one another, the smut was good and well written, but not as frantic and hurried as the other novels. It was nice to read Aster getting the ending she deserved. Ilex tearing down the ritual and the need of the oil was pretty good, too. It brings the series to a fitting close.

I think this is the last instalment in The Orc Run series. In a way, that’s a shame, but I figure there are only so many stories you can tell with this method. If Poppy Kildare released more books in this series, I will happily read them, but at this point, I am somewhat relieved! If you’re looking to get into Orc Smut, then you could do a lot worse than this series!

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