Newsy news of news.

Mostly because Social Media is going down the pan and that’s not a trip I wish to embark on again, I have started a Newsletter – this is the one piece of advice that I have long ignored on many of my internet-based adventures. I mean, who’d want to have a letter written to them by me every week, that sounds arrogant!

But, since Twitter has recently been brought out by a certain Billionaire, many of its users have jumped ship onto things that I don’t really understand. So, it’s time to embark on that big step that I’ve been putting off for years. A newsletter.

It is my intention to send out letters whenever I have big news about writing; works in progress, little snippets of related ‘stuff’, that sort of thing. The bigger picture really is that I lost a huge audience for my art when DeviantArt did its thing and changed everything against the wishes of its users causing them to go elsewhere and I took a big hit. Rather than learn from this mistake, I repeated it with Twitter and I can foresee WordPress going the same way.

So, Newsletters, you tend to own. It’s a list of other people’s emails that you send email letters to. What can really go wrong with it? I’m hosted with Revue, because it has the simplest looking interface out of the options I looked into. I like simple.

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