Monthly Wrap up – Nov 2022

Well, in terms of reading, blogging and generally being present on WordPress in November. I got pretty much nothing.

The Orc’s Princess – Poppy Kildare

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I enjoyed this series more than I should probably admit, but this one wasn’t my favourite. The female protagonist just wasn’t my cup of tea; but that’s down to me as a reader to deal with. The story follows the same formula as the previous book with a woman trying to escape her life by going on The Orc Run, getting boned and running off into the sunset. It’s a good little tale and although the female lead, Armeria, wasn’t to my tastes, she was conveyed well.

The Orc’s Bounty – Poppy Kildare

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My personal favourite out of The Orc Run series – which seems to be no longer available on Amazon – which features a more mature couple. The bonding between Aster and Ilex was endearing and rather sweet, but the book does follow the same mould as the previous two. Aster is running away from her former life and choses the night of the orc run to do it. She seeks out Ilex, after having bumped into him and his orcs the day before, they have great sex and go on their way. These books were a lot of fun and I hope that they come back to Amazon/Kindle soon so you can read them too!

And that’s about the extent of my reading this month! I’ve picked up a couple of other books, but have not even thought about reviewing them yet. I should set some time aside to catch up…

If I can even remember what they were about. Yikes! Looking at the covers I am guessing Orcs doing smutty things.

The reason this month has been so thin on the ground in terms of reading and reviews is entirely due to NaNoWriMo – which I mentioned in this post here. I finished the first draft of my latest story to date (50k) and also topped the month off with another 10k Novella; Surviving Hell, which I wrote in two days. I don’t know what is going to happen in December, it’s a pretty busy month without having to knuckle down and read/write, so I might just take things slow and see how they go.

2 responses to “Monthly Wrap up – Nov 2022”

    • Getting the 2k a day was a bit of a challenge and really tiring. But, I really enjoyed the process and it really helped cement a writing habit. Fingers crossed I can keep it going.

      The 10k was on a more light-hearted novella, thankfully!

      Thanks for commenting~


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