There’s an Orc in my Court

For NaNoWriMo is set down to write 50k words like many other aspiring novelists. From the singular line; ‘There’s an Orc in my Court’ floating around in my thoughts, came an entire short novel.

"Major Sethraun is the first of his kind to traverse the delicate weave of the royal court and he rapidly gets tangled in the threads of intrigue. More accustomed to fighting his way through his problems with his fists and rifle, he is vastly unprepared when he discovers the body of one of the court members. 

A letter is thrust into his possession, exposing a plot that could unravel everything he has seemed to gain; threatening to expose his biggest closely-guarded secret. Sethraun must use all his wits to uncover the truth behind the letter while keeping in the favourable sight of the beautiful Queen Caesia."

Because this story is a bit longer than the 10-25k novellas that I am used to writing, I have sent it out to a couple of people for proof-reading and thoughts before launching into publishing it on Kindle.

At the moment, I feel it’s a bit confused, so I am sitting on it before reading it again to ensure it all makes sense – a bit of time away will restore some fondness for the project too, I am sure.

In the meantime, I am uploading the unedited version to WattPad, to see if I can get a bit of feedback on it in terms of plot, pacing, and those pesky spelling mistakes.

2 responses to “There’s an Orc in my Court”

  1. I always piece for a time equal to what it took to produce until I go back to it for editing. Otherwise ?I read what I thought I wrote rather than what I actually wrote. Still sending it out to other people is a good idea.



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