Surviving Hell – Jenn Howlett

Title: Surviving Hell
Author: Jenn Howlett
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 10th Dec 2022
Genre: Orc Smut
Pages: 45
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited

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A famous orcish actor, is about to drop a bombshell of hot gossip.

While running the interview circuit for his television mainstay, the late-night host John Morgan shifted off the agreed to line of questioning, resulting in Mahlthulak Vetorkag letting slip some swoon-worthy gossip about his secret longing for his co-star Julia Montano.

Unfortunately for Mhalthulak, Julia is the show’s next guest and has heard every word.

He needs to finish this interview in a professional manner, but the orchestrations of the talk show make that a difficult task — especially when the crowd starts to loudly demand a reenactment of the series finale’s steamy kiss.
Surviving Hell is an 11k Novella

Don’t worry! I’m not arrogant enough to review my own book on the blog!! I just thought it would be a fun marketing thing to share it as I do other books! I should probably do this for Wicked Games as well…

Surviving Hell is a 11k short novella that I wrote after my NaNoWriMo project as a bit of a ‘break’ from serious work. Which, I then edited and figured it was worth putting up on KU for fun!

I’ll also be publishing it as a paperback in the near future, as soon as I have a quote from a review that’s good enough to put on it! I’ve promised the spot-light to a certain Salty dwarf, which should be a hoot – and let everyone know that, although this is serious business, I am not taking it too seriously!

If you’re interested in getting into Orc Smut, then I whole-heartedly suggest you pre-order my book and… jump in!!

10 responses to “Surviving Hell – Jenn Howlett”

  1. Hope the book does well for you.

    Probably not my thing though… although it does make me wonder if there is any stories in the genre with the gender roles swapped…?




    • Thanks Pete.

      Six months ago, I’d have said the exact same thing!
      From what I can tell, the vast majority of Monster Erotica readers are women who have strange tastes in penises! That enjoy the genre for the strange dose of escapism that it offers.
      Not sure how many men fantasise about unusual women in quite the same way… it’s rather fascinating!

      Thanks a lot.


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