[Book Review] Tempting the Orc – L.V. Lane

Title: Tempting the Orc
Author: L.V. Lane
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 30th Oct 2022
Genre: Orc Smut
Pages: 54
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Coveted Prey

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He’s my brother’s best friend.

He’s also an orc.

I’m a shifter and should be with one of my kind.

What I want is green, fierce, and savage with everyone but me.

He’s determined to resist.

I’m determined that he won’t.

Publisher’s note: Tempting the Orc is a sweet monster romance short story set in the Coveted Prey Universe with an omega wolf shifter determined to claim her gruff orc mate.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

It feels like it has been forever and a day since I wrote a review… let’s see if I can remember how!

Tempting the Orc features Osric the half-orc and the object of all his desires, the shape-shifting wolf, Luna. The problem is, she is his best friend’s little sister. He doesn’t think himself worthy of her. So, she’s out to prove him wrong.

This is honestly one of the hotter Orc Smut books I’ve read! I’m not even all clued up, or I dare say, into Omegaverse erotica. In my view, there was an Orc on the front cover, so I had to read it. So, so glad I did. I have, thus far, found it rare that a smut book is focused on the inner workings of the male character – Tempting the Orc had more focus on Osric’s point of view than on the female main character, Luna and boy was I appreciative of it!

The unconventional dynamic of reluctance, tormenting and extreme horniness from Osric, just ticked all my boxes and I adored what was presented in such a short span of pages. It was really rather sweet – in its own way – with him trying to contain himself, try not to beat the snot out of anyone that looks at Luna in the wrong way, whilst not believing he is good enough for her. Honestly, I cannot get enough of this orc and his frustrations!

Luna, is playful, bratty and quite the handful! She pushes all the right buttons and moves the relationship between the two forwards.

And, that’s about it. It’s a short, 60-page read. So expectations for the plot, character development and the larger picture should be kept to a minimum. And, as much as I’d love to read more about Osric, I am satisfied with the hot, fast-paced story that he and Luna were given. But, this is my only experience with the Coveted Prey series, so my investment in the characters isn’t even remotely high.

This is an orc in an omegaverse setting, there’s talk of claiming, breeding and all that strange-wonderful jazz that comes along with it. As already stated, it’s not a kink/erotica sub-genre that I am all that interested in. This book didn’t sway my thoughts, either, despite featuring an orc that has a knot in his dong. What I really appreciated it for was Osric’s inner dialogue; which was as entertaining as it was hot.


A really good introduction to Orc Smut! I fell hard for Osric, the main male character and his hot-heated thoughts. A short, smutty read that I highly recommend if you’re into this sort of thing!

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