[Book Review] Her Orc Warrior – Tessa Drake

Title: The Orc Warrior
Author: Tessa Drake
Published by: Independently Published
Publication date: 12th August 2016
Genre: Orc Smut
Pages: 30
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited

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Captured and imprisoned, Grotur Blacktusk lives out his days deep in the bowels of the human king’s castle, awaiting whatever fate is eventually decided for him. But he has a secret. The innocent daughter of the king has been spying on him.

Crown Princess Lucille knows that she shouldn’t be peeping at the orc, but finds herself drawn to the hulking, green barbarian. Something about him gets her hot and bothered, and she can’t seem to stay away.

When the tables are turned and the captor becomes the captive, will Lucille do what she must to survive?

A 5500+ word steamy short.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Princess Lucille is more than aware that there is an alluring captive in her castle’s dungeon. She knows that she shouldn’t be sneaking out of her chambers to visit him, but she can’t resist. When Grotur realises that the Princess is captivated by him, he used that, and her, to his advantage. They share a brief, erotic encounter.

Her Orc Warrior is a really quick read. Shorter than most novellas I’ve read, but it fits the bill nicely for its intended purpose; a steamy read to pass a few minutes.

I appreciated the ‘relationship’ for what it was. A forbidden fruit, tempting one another to do all manner of unimaginable things. I can understand Princess Lucille’s curiosity about the strange barbarian in the cells and she was relatable in some ways, terribly naive in others. Grotur himself was cold and calculating; he saw a means to an end in the princess and took advantage of her. This wasn’t a romantic story, but the joining of two characters for a hot-and-heavy scene.

I would have preferred something with a bit more bite to it. The characters had very little development to them, just filled their intended roles of two people fulfilling a short, steamy fantasy. Sometimes, this is all you really need and when I read this, it was exactly what I needed; short, steamy and a good, fun romp!

The ending felt a little rushed, however, and without any real conclusion leaving the story feeling a bit flat and unresolved. Despite having enough build-up and setting beyond the dungeon to expand further.

Still, I’ve since read another of Tessa Drakes’s stories, so she is clearly onto a winner!


A short, steamy romp. Not the most imaginative stories, but certainly keeps the reader entertained for a few minutes! Sometimes, you don’t need more than a quick smutty read before bed!

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