2022 Book Summary

Another Year. Another Summary. 2022 was a strange year in many respects. I read more books but turned fewer pages and picked up (and became a bit obsessed with) a new genre – one that I do intend on reading more of in 2023 – Orc Smut – but, I also aim to get back into more ‘serious’ books too.

My initial goal was to read 52 books. I pushed that to 70 part-way through the year when I hit the first 52 and, I aced that goal too. Hurrah!

I managed to reach my book goal of a book a week. Pretty pleased with that. I’ve set my current 2023 goal for 50 because I like nice round numbers! But, I’d like to get more pages turned, so I am looking to read larger books next year and take my time with them. I feel at one point, I was pushing myself too hard with my reading goals and in the end, couldn’t even keep up with reviewing them; as of writing this I have a fair few outstanding reviews that I need to catch up on.

Having said that, the longest book I read this year was Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith. I have found myself becoming rather fond of this series and would like to read The Ink Black Heart in the hear future.

I think where I fell down on the pages turned front is the Orc Smut, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy it for its quick refreshers, but a lot of the books are really short, so it looks like I’ve read a lot more than I actually have! So moving forward, there might be a bit *less* orc smut and more other sorts of books – this year I’ve read a pitiful amount of Historical Fiction, which is something I am eager to change.

All I can say about the above is that more people need to read the Highwayman Novella series. It’s pretty darned good!

I think there is this whole conversation to be had about, ‘Should book authors also review books?’ It’s a question that put me off reviewing for a while as I pondered it. Should I only review the books in my writing genre highly and compromise my integrity as a book author? Or should I no longer review those books/rate them unless I’d do so favourably? As you can see, I tend to be a bit of a harsh critic when it comes to books, so it’s a dilemma. Why should I rate a book higher than I normally would, just because its in a certain genre? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, because I adore reviewing books as much as I do writing them.

Okay, that’s just embarrassing. I rated my own book by accident via my Kindle and have no idea how to undo it. Still, I can have this proud moment and I guess, technically, I did read it!

I read this book a while back but wanted to put something enthusiastic as a book review for it because I enjoyed it so much. I don’t tend to put my reviews on GoodReads anymore; I stoped when I had a period of Self-Hosting as sharing content is bad for blogs and their coveted google ratings. I use it to rate so I keep a record of my reads and to message Dave.

What’s in store for 2023?

I’d very much like to keep reading and reviewing. I’d like to re-find my reviewing mojo as well as my enthusiasm for Warhammer/Black Library books which seems to have completely vanished in the late stages of 2022.

Maybe, Age of Sigmar is where the fun is at? I have a copy of Hallowed Ground that I am eager to read, so that might be a good place to start. I’ve also got to catch up with Dave for our Horus Heresy reads and get my finger out with… whichever book we’re actually on at the moment? Mark of Calth? It’s been sitting on my bedside table gathering dust for far too long!

At one point I had a rotation with my reads going between Black Library, ARC Reads, Historical Fiction and Orc-Smut. I’ve also tried writing down all my reading list onto paper and putting them into a box/jar and picking them out at random to see if that helps inspire my reads – so far, it seems to be doing an all right job, but I have cheated when I’ve really not felt like reading a book that gets pulled. Either way, I am fighting the reading block that has been slowly threatening to overwhelm over the past couple of weeks/months.

So for actual goals.

  • More Horus Heresy
  • More Sharpe
  • Longer books
  • Maybe a bit less Orc Smut!

I hope you obtain all your reading goals throughout 2023 and are happy with your progress of 2022!

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