Writing recap – 2022

The last of my summary posts before getting back into the actual swing of things, be them hobbying, reading or writing.

This one recaps my writing over the past few months – while I have been rather evasive and MIA on a lot of fronts with the blog, my writing has been going rather well. Since I started writing again in mid-2022 I have written 240,000 words on various fiction projects.

Including, two published novellas; Wicked Games and Surviving Hell. A weekly serial I’ve been publishing on Wattpad and another 50k novel that’s currently going through editing; There’s an Orc in my Court.

I don’t know what the future holds for writing. I adore doing it, but it’s very time-consuming. I feel like all other aspects of my blog/hobbying have all but come grinding to a stop because of it. It’s more like a job/profession in itself and that’s without the added uncertainties and pressures of updating social medias, advertising, book covers and what not. It’s a big business. And like everything else I am happy keeping things small. I think there’s a certain amount of fear that comes along with writing and publishing; not in the critique sense, but more… what if this becomes bigger than I am ready for it to be?

But, at the same time I am enjoying the storytelling and am damned proud of myself for having finished some stories; something I believed for a long time I was incapable of.

So, I’m not going to set anything in stone when it comes to publishing goals or schedules. I just want to keep telling stories, writing what and where I can and, hopefully, getting a decent number of words down in some sort of order that makes sense. I don’t feel right pushing it, but just sharing in my triumphs as and when I can! Ideally, it’d be nice to finish the two stories I have started and push forward with another idea that I’ve been sitting on for far too long; I have a front cover ordered for this one, so when it’s finished I shall share it with you~

So, overall, the goals for 2023 are

  • Get back into Hobbying/Warhammer
  • Read 50 books
  • Write as/when I can & publish something when it’s presentable.

Have you made any goals for 2023 yet? Have you achieved any of them!?

7 responses to “Writing recap – 2022”

  1. Impressive accomplishments. Getting published is such a huge deal. Congeats!

    Your writing output is so very impressive. I’ve been chronicling the exploits of my family DnD game on my blog, and I’ve come nowhere near your word count, and I basically have the story outline already written!

    My goals for 2023 are right paint some models. Seeious. Just paint some models. I painted very little in 2022,and I’m afraid if I go big I. Will do nothing.

    Along with painting I want to complete the next cycle in the DnD game writeup. It’s started, but I have a long ways to go.

    I’d like to play more actual games this year, too.

    Lastly, I’ve got to get my resin 3d printer back in operation to cut into the backlog of minis and spaceships and terrain pieces I need to print.

    Looking forward to your Warhammer updates this year!

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  2. It’s amazing that you’ve got where you are, you should be proud of your achievements!! I’d love to give it a try, but I stopped after a couple of short stories years ago. It needs a lot of dedication, so I for one am in awe of you for that!! Seriously, it’s amazing!!

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    • I started with a couple of short stories/prompts and it took off from there.
      No reason you can’t try again. Nothing wrong with writing a couple of shorts a year, as long as you’re happy doing it.

      It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’ve loved every minute of it.


  3. Quite an achievement really, Jenn, and you can be rightly proud! 🙂 So far this year I’ve achieved all of the goals I’ve set for 2023 i.e. get out of bed on time for my first day back at work! I’m still working on the rest of the goals, but at least I’ve made a start! 😉


    • Thank you. Reading these comments this morning has been very validating.

      That’s certainly a fine goal to have set and glad you achieved it!
      Hopefully, the rest of your goals will be just as smooth.

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    • Thank you very much.
      It’s been a lot of fun working on all these projects, just need to try and get some finished off before starting some new ones – but isn’t that the curse of all things!?


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