Arranging a drive-by

In the hopes of just, being more myself and having fun again, I present the wackiest Imperium model I can think of. I’ve had this… buggy, bike… thing in the cabinet with my Blood Guard for the longest time. I was in the mood to pain after seeing everyone’s amazing hobby-round-up posts, and I’ve not felt inspired like this for a while, so thank you!

It’s a bit of a pain in the neck model though, with lots of places that the brush can’t get into properly, resulting in a mess. I figure sub-assembly would solve this problem. But, I find that presents the issue of being unable to see the model as a whole to paint it compositionally well. Still, off to a good start with it and, hopefully, contrast black will come to the rescue for all those tricky-to-reach places.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to keep the painting going at a better pace this year and get more than four models finished!

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