Marcel Cheveron’s Guide to Parrvolis – Page 1

Long have I wanted to create an art/RPG book that explores the world in which I write. I’ve written about this desire a couple of times in the past on this blog but never had the means to do so in a timely manner.

A sourcebook with all the details of the world; maps, locations, technical style drawings, portraits and all manner of visual treats. With the development of AI art; this if finally something I can achieve. I can run my ideas through an engineer and have a visual reference for a certain aspect of the work within minutes.

There are a lot of negative thoughts surrounding AI art and this isn’t a topic I’d like to get into overmuch; I can understand the fears and concerns surrounding it. But, once upon a time, digital art wasn’t considered real art, either. All I am going to say is that one of my books; There’s an Orc in my Court, wouldn’t exist without AI art as it was an image I generated on a free trial that delivered Sethraun, the main character of that book, to me. I find it a useful tool and I shall continue to use it. I shall also continue to use, commission and support human artists too, both are useful tools.

Having said that, this isn’t a book that is going to be commercially available and will be a long time in the making; but hitting the ground running is where I want to be this year in terms of writing and creating worlds.

5 responses to “Marcel Cheveron’s Guide to Parrvolis – Page 1”

  1. Very cool idea. I love it!

    Also, what AI are you using? I tried one on discord, which seems like such a weird way to “program” the AI, but the results were mixed and hard for me to use. I understand the fears around AI, but I also don’t have the unlimited funds necessary to commission al the art i need for my blog.

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    • I use Midjourney AI which is a Discord based AI.
      I think if you’re after something very specific it’s much harder to get the right results. There’s certainly a lot of trial and error with it.

      I think if you’re honest about using AI then it’s okay, just another tool in the creative arsenal.
      And, you’re right on the not having unlimited funds front too, certainly not for a whole book!


      • Thanks. I think it was Midjourney I used. I ended up with a couple cool images,but it’s not very user friendly to manipulate and zero images in.

        I agree, be upfront, and enjoy the tool.


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