My name is Jenn, I adore reading, writing, painting miniature models and photography.
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  • Arranging a drive-by

    Arranging a drive-by

    In the hopes of just, being more myself and having fun again, I present the wackiest Imperium model I can think of. I’ve had this… buggy, bike… thing in the cabinet with my Blood Guard for the longest time. I was in the mood to pain after seeing everyone’s amazing hobby-round-up posts, and I’ve not…

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  • Writing recap – 2022

    Writing recap – 2022

    The last of my summary posts before getting back into the actual swing of things, be them hobbying, reading or writing. This one recaps my writing over the past few months – while I have been rather evasive and MIA on a lot of fronts with the blog, my writing has been going rather well.…

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  • 2022 Book Summary

    2022 Book Summary

    Another Year. Another Summary. 2022 was a strange year in many respects. I read more books but turned fewer pages and picked up (and became a bit obsessed with) a new genre – one that I do intend on reading more of in 2023 – Orc Smut – but, I also aim to get back…

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  • Hobby Recap – 2022

    Hobby Recap – 2022

    This is the first of three recap posts I intend to write this year and honestly, it’s also the most pitiful! I’ve not done nearly enough on the hobby front this year to write an elaborate post about… nor is it worth putting the models out on the table as per Lord Commander Eloth, but…

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  • [Book Review] Her Orc Warrior – Tessa Drake

    [Book Review] Her Orc Warrior – Tessa Drake

    Title: The Orc WarriorAuthor: Tessa DrakePublished by: Independently PublishedPublication date: 12th August 2016Genre: Orc SmutPages: 30Format: eBookSource: Kindle Unlimited Affiliate Links Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Captured and imprisoned, Grotur Blacktusk lives out his days deep in the bowels of the human king’s castle, awaiting whatever fate is eventually decided for him. But he has a secret. The innocent…

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  • [Book Review] Green-Eyed Monster – Elsie Winters

    [Book Review] Green-Eyed Monster – Elsie Winters

    Title: Green Eyed MonsterAuthor: Elsie WintersPublished by: Independently PublishedPublication date: July 2021Genre: Orc SmutPages: 43Format: eBookSource: Kindle UnlimitedSeries: The Boundlands Series Affiliate Links Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis He’s an orc studying for his accounting exam. She’s a forest faerie trying to salvage her botany project. There’s a magically animated stone sentry crashing through campus like a two-story tall wrecking…

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