[Book review] Black Angel – Graham Masterton

Title: Black AngelAuthor: Graham MastertonPublished by: Head of ZeusPublication date: Dec 5th 1991Genre: HorrorPages: 411Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Affiliate Links Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis In a city wreathed in fog,a satanic killer stalks the streets… Enter Lieutenant Foggia who, assisted by a spiritualist medium, must discover the reason for the slayings. But the truth… Continue Reading →

The Shadow People – Graham Masterton

Title: The Shadow PeopleAuthor: Graham MastertonPublished by: Head of ZeusPublication date: 9th Dec 2021Genre: HorrorPages: 384Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Buy the Book – Amazon Buy the Book – Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Jerry Pardoe and Jamila Patel hunt down a ritualistic cult inspired by Neolithic cannibals in the new chilling horror from Graham Masterton. Det. Sgt. Jamila Patel and Det. Con. Jerry Pardoe have… Continue Reading →

Taken for Dead – Graham Masterton

Title: Taken for DeadAuthor: Graham MastertonPublished by: Head of ZeusPublication date: Feb 1st, 2014Genre: ThrillerPages: 435Format: PaperbackSource: Bury Library Buy the book – Amazon Blurb/Synopsis Katie Maguire is one of Ireland’s best detectives.So why can’t she catch these killers?In a secluded cove just outside the reaches of the city of Cork, a woman wakes up into a nightmare. She… Continue Reading →

The Last Drop of Blood – Graham Masterton

Title: The Last Drop of BloodAuthor: Graham MastertonPublished by: Head of ZeusPublication date:   6 Feb 2020Genre: ThrillerPages:  400Format: e-BookSource: NetGalley Buy the Book – Amazon A High-Profile Judge is found dead, burned in his car, hours before he is due to sentence a man for the murder of one of Corks most notorious gangs. A young man is found stabbed… Continue Reading →

Plague of the Manitou – Graham Masterton

Title: Plague of the ManitouAuthor: Graham MastertonPublished by: Severn House PublishersPublication date: April 30, 2015Genre: HorrorPages: 256Format: HardbackSource: Bury Library Buy the book  – Amazon I am a big fan of Graham Mastertons literary works. I have been for some time now; I was originally introduced to his novels by my Ex – and it’s one of the… Continue Reading →


It’s not like I sit about the house and consciously think; “I’m not going to update my Blog today,” that would be daft and very silly. I think it’s more that I am actually running out of things to say, but then I look down at my chest and notice that I am wearing the… Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap-Up – Sept 2021

I’m taking a leaf out of many other bloggers books and starting to write monthly wrap up posts. I think they’ll be a good way to keep track of what I’ve been doing and help to keep me motivated for the weeks and months to come. Book Reviews I’ve managed to read through books this… Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 29th Sept

I shamelessly stole this idea from Alli the Book Giraffe, I’m sorry I don’t feel guilty about it though, as she took it from elsewhere and the cycle of meme-stealing continues! I think it’s a neat idea to help keep me focused on the bookish aspect of my blog. A bit like how Model Monday… Continue Reading →

A-Z of reviews

This is an A-Z of reviews of books by authors and publishers that are non-Black Library related. A Ames, Jonathan – You were never really hereAtkinson, Bevan – The Fool CardArcher, Jeffrey – Over my Dead BodyArvdison, Paul L – Darkest: The Marines are comingAvon, Barbara – Sacrilege B Barker, Clive – The Scarlet GospelsBlackman,… Continue Reading →

James Lazarus

It’s been a while since I shared some personal work with everyone on my blog, so here we go. I found these sketches while I was having a bit of a sort out earlier and recall them being for my long dead project BulletFuck – I’ve recently been working on my confidence when it comes… Continue Reading →

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