A-Z of reviews

This is an A-Z of reviews of books reviews written and hosted on Eternal Bookcase.


Ames, Jonathan – You were never really here
Atkinson, Bevan – The Fool Card
Atwood, Margaret – The Handmaid’s Tale
Archer, Jeffrey – Over my Dead Body
Arvdison, Paul L – Darkest: The Marines are coming
Avon, Barbara – Sacrilege


Barker, Clive – The Scarlet Gospels
Blackman, Malorie – The stuff of Nightmares
Beukes, Lauren – Broken Monsters
Bounds, Deirdre – Fulfilled
Boyd, Hilary – The Lie
Browne, Sheryl – The Marriage Trap
Buckanan, Kerry – Knife Edge
Buckanan, Kerry – Small Bones
Byatt, Mandy – Just another Liar


Child, Lee – Cleaning the Gold
Clegg, Douglas – Bad Karma
Cornwell, Bernard – Sharpes Tiger
Corry, Jane – The Lies we Tell


Davis, Brandon M – Between Heaven and Hell
Douglas, Ian – Solar Warden: Alien Hostiles
Driscoll, Theresa – The Friend
Durrant, Helen L – Dead Wrong
Durrant, Helen L – Dead Sorry


Ellis, J.S – The Secret she Kept
Esler, Anthony – Hellbane


Flynn, Gillian – The Grown-up
Fitzek, Sebastian – Amok
Fox, Candice – Gathering Dark
Fury, Tyson – Behind the Mask


Galbraith, Robert – The Cuckoos Calling
Galbraith, Robert – The Silkworm
Galbraith, Robert – Lethal White
Galbraith, Robert – Troubled Blood
Greathouse, J. T. – The Hand of the Sun king
Green, Cass – The Woman Next Door
Glanville, Kate – Stargazing
Goldburg, Lee Matthew – Runaway Train


Hamill, Mari – Werewolf Nights
Hamilton, M L – Pendant
Heaney, David L – Nathaniel’s got the blues
Heinlein, Robert – Starship Troopers
Henry, Brian K – I was a teenage ghost hunter
Herbert, Frank – Dune
Hokstad, Vivar – The Year Before the End
Hull, J S – The Crimson Script
Hunter, Cara – The Whole Truth
Huston, Charlie – Already Dead
Huston, Charlie – Every Last Drop
Huston, Charlie – Half the Blood of Brooklyn
Huston, Charlie – My Dead Body
Huston, Charlie – No Dominion


Ishiguro, Kazuo – Never Let me Go


Jackson, Daniel T – Illborn
Jaffrey, Josie – The Wolf and the Water
Jaffre, Josie – Snapshot
Jensen, Louise – All for You
Jones, Rosemary – The Deadly Grimoire


Kane, S W – The Bone Jar
Kendal, Claire – The Book of You
Kirk, Brian – We are Monsters
Kirk, JD – A Litter of Bones
Kellerman, Jonathan – When the Bough Breaks
Kellerman, Jonathan – Serpentine

Kellerman, Johnathan & Jesse – Lost Souls
Kellerman, Jonathan & Jesse – The Burning
Kellerman, Jonathan – City of the Dead
Keyes, Greg – Babylon 5: Birth of the Psi Corps
Keyes, Greg – Babylon 5: Bester Ascendant
Keyes, Grey – Babylon 5: Fate of Bester
Killick, Jane – Terraforming Mars: In The Shadow of Deimos


Langevin, Amy – The Man who Married Death
Llwelyn-Wells, Charlotte – The Devourer Below


Markham, D.R – Involuntary Admissions
Marmel, Ari – Litany of Dreams
Marrs, John – The Minders
Mass, Sarah J – Throne of Glass
Masterton, Graham – Black Angel
Masterton, Graham – Plague of the Manitou
Masterton, Graham – Taken for Dead
Masterton, Graham – The Last Drop of Blood
Masterton, Graham – The Shadow People
McMillan, Gilly – The Long Weekend
Michael, Victoria J – The Songbird
Meyler, Deborah – The Bookstore
Moeller, Jonathan – Frostborn; The Grey Knight
Murphy, Cynthia – Last one to Die


Norman, John – Tarnsman of Gor
Noy, Todd – Drago: On Mountains we Stand
Novakovich, Carl – The Watchers, The Tomb


Osman, Richard – The Thursday Murder Club
Osman, Richard – The Man Who Died Twice


Patterson, James – Killer Chef
Pierce, Blake – Before he Kills
Poe, Edgar Asimov – Hyperion Dreams


Raine, August – Poison in the Pills
Riva, Lana Grace – The Existence of Amy
Robi, Jill – Fangirl
Robi, Jill – The Good Soldier
Royce, Kenneth – Fall-Out

Sapkowski, Andrzej – The Witcher: The Last Wish
Sapkowski, Andrezj – The Witcher: Sword of Destiny
Sapkowski, Andrzej – The Witcher: Blood of Elves
Shiye, Samantha – A Trade in Tears
Slaughter, Karin – Cleaning the Gold
Steel, S. H – Chimera’s Fire


Thomson, Alex – Spidertouch
Towsey, David – Equinox


Vater, Tom – The Devils Road to Kathmandu
Vardeman, Robert E & Milan, Victor – The War of Powers


Willingham, Stacy – A Flicker in the Dark
Wilkerson, Faith – Two weep no more
Wills, A D – (Para)Normal Society
Wilks, Mike – Mirrorscape
Wrobel, Stephanie – This Might Hurt


Yap, Felicia – Future Perfect

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