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Abnett, Dan – Condemned by Fire
Abnett, Dan – Horus Rising
Abnett, Dan – Legion
Abnett, Dan – Prospero Burns
Abnett, Dan – Know no Fear
Annandale, David – Deacon of Wounds
Annandale, David – Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar
Annandale, David – Vulkan: Lord of Drakes


Brooks, Mike – Alpharius: Head of the Hydra


Counter, Ben – Battle for the Abyss
Counter, Ben – Galaxy in Flames


Demski-Bowden, Aaron – The First Heretic
Demski-Bowden, Aaron – Spear of the Emperor
Dicken, Evan – The Red Hours
Dunn, Christian – Age of Darkness
Dunn, Christian – The Primarchs
Dunn, Christian & Kyme, Nick – Shadows of Treachery


Fehervari, Peter – The Reverie
French, John – Ahriman: Exile
French, John – Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader


Guymer, David – The Court of the Blind King


Haley, Guy – The Devastation of Baal
Horth, Nick – City of Secrets
Huddleston, Tom – Warhammer Adventures: City of Lifestone


Kyme, Nick – Knights of Macragge


Mike, Lee – Fallen Angels


McNeill, Graham – A Thousand Sons
McNeill, Graham – Fulgrim
McNeill, Graham – False Gods
McNeill, Graham – Mechanicum
McNeill, Graham – The Outcast Dead
McNeill, Graham – Warriors of Ultramar
Mitchell, Sandy – For the Emperor


Parrott, Thomas – The Test of Faith


Reynolds, Anthony – The Infinite Tableau
Reynolds, Josh – Dark Harvest


Scanlon, Mitchel – Descent of Angels
Scott, Cavan – Warhammer Adventures: Attack of the Necron
Scott, Cavan – Warhammer Adventures: Claws of the Genestealer
Scott, Cavan – Warhammer Adventures: Secrets of the T’au
Stephens, Anna – Gothghul Hollow
St. Martin, Ian – Deathwatch: Swordwind
St. Martin, Ian – Angron, Slave of Nuceria
Swallow, James – Flight of the Eisenstein
Swallow, James – Nemesis
Swallow, James – Fear to Tread


Thorpe, Gav – Deliverance Lost
Thorpe, Gav – Luther: First of the Fallen
Thorpe, Gav – Lorgar: Bearer of the Word


Werner, C L – Cursed City
Werner, C L – Matthias Thulman: Witch Hunter
Werner, C L – Sacrosanct & Other Stories
Woolley, Justin – Redemption through Sacrifice
Wraight, Chris – Bloodlines
Wraight, Chris – No Good Men

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